Review Policy

Hello! I am honored that you are considering me for a review of your title.  Below you will find my review policy.

At the moment, I am accepting books for reviews. Please be sure to read through this review policy before contacting me to see if your book fits into the genres I like.

As a person of color, I particularly welcome requests from authors of color and authors who identify as LGBTTQQIAAP.  Even if I am unable to accept a review request (as a result of time constraints), I am happy to help promote your title on the blog and on social media in other ways.

 Genres of books I accept ONLY 

– Adult (UF, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit and Historical Romance)
– YA (all sub-genres included) 
– New Adult  
- Select Women's Fiction


Format of books I accept

- Physical copies
- Kindle copies (PREFERRED FORM)

What to include in your review request

- Book Cover
- Book Summary
- Why you think I would be interested in the book
- When you would like for the review to be posted

What you can expect from my reviews

If I've accepted your review request, you can expect my review to include:
 - Book Cover 
- Goodreads/Amazon/B&N Links
- My honest opinions about the book
If I dislike the book, I may choose to not review the title on the blog.
-Rating out of 5 stars

Other Posts

If you have ideas for other posts such as guest posts or author interviews that you would like to pitch me, feel free to shoot me an email. 


I can be reached at

Due to time constraints, I may not have the time to respond to every review request I receive and therefore, will only respond to the ones I’m accepting within 2 weeks.