What Has Nick Been Watching (4)

Tuesday, March 16, 2021


Happy Tuesday, friends!

I'm here to chat with you about some recent shows I've watched. Some I loved, some I didn't! As always, feel free to recommend me shows you think I might love!

Sex Education

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started Sex Education, but it was not what I could have imagined. Even after the 1st episode, which has a scene where one of the characters exposes his giant dong, I wasn't sure where the show was heading. I ended up loving it so much though! It's poignant and funny in the best way. The premise is basically that awkward and virginal Otis, the son of a sex therapist, and his new troubled friend, Maeve, decide to launch a sex advice business to help their fellow students with their sexual problems. I know, I know! What could go wrong? I thought the show was fun and surprisingly poignant. It's got a terrific cast and even the douchey characters are somewhat likable. I think it does a really good job at exploring what it's like to be a teenager and the various relationships you go through at that age. I will say that I found season 1 to be stronger than season 2, but season 2 does a better job at diving into the backstories of some of the secondary characters, which I liked. I think British television does teen shows much better than American television! Anyways, I highly recommend this one and I can't wait for the next season!

CW: nudity, sexual assault, teenagers consuming alcohol

Wanda Vision (Ep 5-8)

Oh, man! WandaVision was pretty brilliant in its second half. It continued to build the storyline every episode. I love how the show answers some questions in one episode and then leaves you with 1000 new ones by the end of that episode. Elizabeth Olsen really gets to shine here, especially in episode 8! I'm really glad Marvel made this show. I'll admit to not being entirely satisfied with the finale. I felt like they had too many storylines to wrap up and it ended up faltering for me. I think what disappointed me the most about the last episode was how typical Marvel it was if that makes any sense! The show had been so unique from ep 1-8 and then in episode 9, they just resorted to a very typical battle scene, which meh. I'm also not sure I understood the motivations of one of the villains. I imagine they'll make a comeback at some point. I'm interested in what they are going to do with Wanda's character though! Overall, WandaVision was a solid show!

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

I love true crime documentaries but this was not very good. It's only 4 episodes and centers on the case of the disappearance of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel. The show felt infuriatingly slow and I was bored to tears a few times. It also relied heavily on the conspiracy theories that surrounded that case and didn't really comment on how terrible all of those were. I think the show didn't really respect Elisa. She deserved much better than this.

CW: murder, violence, bipolar disorder

Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia was pitched as a new Gilmore Girls and I was quite excited to watch it. I ended up being quite irritated with it by the end, mostly because I couldn't stand Ginny. It actually had a ton of potential, but meh, Ginny really ruined it for me. I understand that she was a young woman who had gone through a lot in her short life, but I felt like she was unnecessarily a brat to everyone, especially her mother, who seemed to be trying her best to make sure her kids had a good life. I couldn't care less about her love triangle and shitty bullying ways once she becomes part of a friend group. It also made me so uncomfortable how every time something bad happened to her, Ginny would blame it on racism when she was just a poor decision-maker. There is a whole oppression Olympics scene between her and her Taiwanese boyfriend and IT IS THE WORST. I don't know, maybe I am too old for shows about bratty teenagers, but gosh, I feel like I shouldn't want for the main character to be written off the show? I thought Georgia was definitely the more interesting character. The woman was terrifying and manipulative. She had gone through a lot and I don't condone any of her actions, but the show does a good job at making you understand where she's coming from. I'm still interested in a second season if they decide to make one, but I hope they give the teen a personality switch lol.

CW: murder, sexual assault, accident, self-harm, rape, teenage alcohol use

Miss Sherlock

Miss Sherlock was a bittersweet watch for me. Someone on Twitter mentioned the show and I'm a sucker for a good detective show and I was especially intrigued by a Japanese Sherlock Holmes. It was fantastic from start to finish and I loved how it incorporated a lot of the OG Holmes into the story while also making it culturally its own show. The chemistry between Holmes and Watson is A+! Every episode was engaging and it explored a variety of interesting cases. It ended up being a bittersweet watch though because I found out that the actress who plays Sherlock,  Yūko Takeuchi, passed away last year. It's unlikely that we will see a second season. There are a few unanswered questions at the end, but it had a solid wrap-up.

CW: murder, violence, drug use

Nadiya Bakes

Nadiya is pure sunshine and her new baking show on Netflix is pure serotonin! I could watch cook and bake all day. You can really tell that baking brings her a ton of joy. I also liked how her bakes seem accessible to a newbie baker. I've jotted down a few pastries I most definitely want to try. If you're looking for something to cheer you up, definitely give Nadiya Bakes a try!

Have you watched any of these?
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