A Rogue To Remember by Emily Sullivan

Monday, March 15, 2021

by Emily Sullivan
Series: League of Scoundrels #1
Genres: Historical, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: March 9th 2021
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷

I picked up A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan after learning that Mazey loved it. I've been in the mood for historical romances lately and it didn't much convincing to pick up this book. It's got spies, a childhood friends-to-lovers romance, and an Italian road trip of sorts! Emily Sullivan's debut was a fun reading experience that I found myself devouring.

Tired of London society and her uncle Alfred's constant pressure on her to marry, Lottie fakes a scandal and runs away to the Italian countryside where no one will recognize her. She wants to be left alone to live her life as a spinster on her own terms. Too bad (or is it really?) for her, her childhood friend, Alex, who is now a professor and agent of the crown, shows up on her doorstep with news that he is here to take her back to England where her uncle is passing away. 

Lottie is angry at Alex but their journey back home is reviving all of her feelings for him and it's fantastic! Plus, Alex is the pining kind of hero so I pretty much ate this romance up! I liked both of these characters, but it was the romance and chemistry between Lottie and Alex that kept me glued to the pages. They both have had feelings for each other for the longest time that they thought were unrequited and they are just waiting to spill over. I realized after reading this book how much I love the angst of a romance where two people are clearly made for each other, but they think their feelings are unrequited and it takes the romantic journey for them to realize it - oof! All the chest aches! When the two stubborn knuckleheads finally do give in to the sizzling sexual tension and years of emotions between them, it's sensual, steamy, and will have your toes curling. They have their fair share of obstacles in this book, including some danger and intrigue, that only added to my enjoyment of A Rogue to Remember.

I thought Emily Sullivan did a good job with the characterizations in A Rogue to Remember. I enjoyed both of the main characters individually and I also thought she did a good job at getting me intrigued by some of the side characters - hullo, Rafe! Both Lottie and Alex have interesting backstories. I was especially invested in Alex's past and there are quite a few secrets surrounding his family revealed about him. I also found his dual profession as an archaeologist and spy to be interesting for a historical romance. The man definitely had issues with his self-worth that he has to work on throughout the book, but most of all I just liked how genuine he appeared to be. Sure, he was an idiot when it came to Lottie, but a lovable one! Lottie, herself, was fantastic. She has a good head on her shoulders and went after what she wanted. All in all, I enjoyed this cast and I hope we get to see Alex and Lottie as side characters in future books of the series.

If you enjoy historical romances, I would give A Rogue to Remember a chance! Emily Sullivan has got a new fan and reader in me and I simply cannot wait to read more from this series!

CWs: parental deaths, on-page death of MC's uncle

Relationship disclosure: Emily Sullivan & I are mutuals on social media.

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