Valentine's Day Extravaganza: Day 5 - TV Show/Movie Match Ups

Monday, February 15, 2021


Hi, everyone! 

I know it's already a day after Valentine's Day, but I have one last collaboration post for you all. My friends, Hannah and Katie, were kind enough to help me work on this guide to TV shows & movies based on your favorite romance books. Hannah, who is a Turkish Dizi connoiseur, walk us through some of her favorite shows. Meanwhile, Katie shares her knowledge of all the American rom-coms and I chat about Bollywood. 

This was personally a lot of fun for me to work on and I loved loved loved reading Hannah and Katie's picks too. I hope you'll enjoy this just much as I did. :)

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post. It ends tomorrow and there are plenty of great prizes up for grabs!


Hannah Tackles Turkish Dizis

If someone had told me this time last year most of the television I consumed would be Turkish, I probably would have been that gif of Alexis Rose looking skeptical and pitying going, “Mmm’k.” Little did I know that an epic binge of a show called Erkenci Kuş in June 2020 would lead me down a rabbit hole of beautiful humans, vivid and intricate storytelling, and love stories that—in my opinion—are tailor made for romance readers. I’m here today to attempt to coax you, fellow romance lover, to jump into the vortex. Join us, we have kahve.

I was coaxed to start watching with the same tactic we use to recommend each other our favorite romance novels: it has this trope you love and this gorgeous man starring in it!! Most Turkish television shows, called dizis, are tropetastic with a central couple/love story. There’s something for everyone, from winter dramas that are dark and angsty to “summer dizis” that are brightly colored romantic comedies.

Now, before I get to recommending anything, there are a few things you should know about dizis:
1. Each episode averages over two hours long and tends to end on a cliffhanger.
2. Government censorship severely limits what can be portrayed on screen. Even chaste kisses can be heavily fined. However, I find that this leads to some of the sexiest slow burns I’ve ever seen. Turkish actors get an A+ in eye fucking.
3. Currently, Turkey is not very hospitable to the LGBTQ+ community. It’s also pretty patriarchal. That means all the relationships portrayed in dizis are going to be cishet and often cling to gender norms, although some studios and producers are subtly pushing back on that. In general, dizis are sadly not where you’ll go for diversity.
4. Despite a growing and loyal international fan base, dizis are marketed primarily to Turkish residents so they are not readily available outside of Turkey. Most shows you can find with English subtitles on slightly sketchy third-party sites, just be prepared to close a lot of pop-ups. Others are available on YouTube with Turkish subs you can auto-translate, or can be found uploaded on Facebook.

Now, on to the recommendations!

Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door)

Enemies to lovers + fake relationship + buttoned-up/feisty dynamic
Also features: Only! One! Bed!; wake up snuggling; “I’m not in love I’m just ill”

Sen Çal Kapımı was created by my personal favorite dizi writer. It’s heavy with emotion, symbolism, and heated looks, but it started as a summer dizi so there’s plenty of comedic relief also. Serkan Bolat is a businessman architect who wouldn’t recognize an emotion if it bit him on the nose. Eda Yildiz is an aspiring landscape architect who tends to act before she thinks. Eda was going to architect school on a scholarship sponsored by Serkan’s firm until the scholarship was abruptly ended. She had to drop out of school and return to working at her aunt’s flower shop. She blames Serkan for ruining her dreams and is nursing an epic grudge against him. When they meet in person there’s a lot of yelling and antagonizing. However, a series of events leads Serkan to asking Eda to be his fake fiancée. Eda’s impulsive nature clashes with Serkan’s calculating control, but there’s a lot more to these two than what’s on the surface. Watching these two characters push and prod each other is a delight and the actors’ chemistry is off the chart. Seriously, one of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever seen in my life comes at the end of the second episode and there is almost zero skin contact!

How to watch: All episodes are available on YouTube with Turkish subtitles that can be auto-translated. (Note: SCK started going through writer changes at episode 22, and the original writer left the show after episode 24. It’s still airing, but I’ve noticed a definite change in the quality of the story since then. My personal canon is that their story ends in episode 24 about 30 seconds before the end of the episode.)

Recommended for fans of:
PRETTY FACE by Lucy Parker…What they have in common: A buttoned-up, emotionally repressed hero falls for an energetic woman who does NOT take his bullshit. Basically, this dynamic: “She frowned a little. His brain suggested that the natural course of action was to reach out and smooth it away, and what the everlasting fuck” (Pretty Face by Lucy Parker).

WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Alexandria Bellefleur…What they have in common: Once again, the buttoned-up/uncontained dynamic is the main parallel here, though I also think that Darcy and Elle’s personal baggage are similar to Serkan and Eda’s in some ways. Darcy is carrying a lot of past hurt that makes caring for someone feel dangerous; Elle has a great sense of self but is trying to earn the respect she knows she deserves.

Her Yerde Sen

Forced Proximity + Opposites Attract + Grumpy/Sunshine
Also featuring: wake up snuggling, workplace romance, meaningful gift/gesture

Her Yerde Sen (You Are Everywhere) is another summer dizi that leans into the comedy side of things. Selin Sever and Demir Erendil become rival roommates when two eccentric sisters accidentally sell their shares of a house without the other’s knowledge. Both Selin and Demir have sentimental attachment to the house and refuse to sell their half to the other. Demir is the grumpy and brooding guy, Selin is the sunshiney one who’s never met a stranger. Oh, and to top it all off, it turns out Demir is Selin’s new boss! “You Are Everywhere” is a very apt title. What I love about this show is that it’s truly joyful. Even the dark moments aren’t that dark; both protagonists have solid and supportive friends/found family; there’s no evil ex (a trope dizis unfortunately love); it has an HEA! HYS is no longer airing, so you can watch all 23 episodes knowing it ends the way all romance lovers want it to. And if you’re a sucker for that moment when a character looks at their love interest like they can’t believe their luck, this show MUST be on your list.

How to watch: Sadly one of the harder ones to find, you can Google “Her Yerde Sen English subtitles” and watch on Have a good pop-up blocker and/or be prepared to close a lot of ads.

Recommended for fans of:
THE WORST MAN by Mia Sosa…What they have in common: This book has a similar rom-com vibe to HYS, and the we-hate-each-other-but-now-we-have-to-work-together-oh-no-are-these-feelings story reminds me of the show also. The quips and jibes between Max and Lina are very Demir and Selin, also.

LOVE AT FIRST by Kate Clayborn…What they have in common: Two people plotting increasingly elaborate ways to force the other out of the apartment building who accidentally fall in love is the rivals-to-lovers energy that HYS brings. Demir also shares a little-lost-boy and abandonment issue with Will, and Selin’s search for belonging and family mirrors Nora’s. (Coming 2/23; I received an ARC from NetGalley)


Mafia + Morality Chain + Mistaken Identity

For something a bit different, check out 50m2 (Fifty Meters Square) which is new to Netflix. The romance subplot of this dark comedy is admittedly only a teeny tiny sprout in season one, but hopefully it will grow in season two. Gölge, who was found as a lost child and raised by a mob boss to be a hit man, embarks on a journey trying to find his true identity and family. He ends up hiding out in a small neighborhood pretending to be a tailor’s long-lost son. He meets Dilara, who runs a bakery and is unimpressed by his awkward flirting. They band together along with other neighborhood residents to fight back against the organized crime organization trying to take over the neighborhood. Gölge is quite prone to violence and sarcastic quips, but turns out to have a soft heart that is obviously drawn to Dilara and her caretaking energy. I personally have a weakness for snarky sociopaths who clearly need a hug, which is exactly Gölge.

How to watch: A Netflix original! Available dubbed or with subtitles. Episodes are also shorter than most dizis, 8 episodes of about 40 minutes.

Recommended for fans of:
THE HITMAN by Katrina Jackson…What they have in common: A mafia hitman with a heart of, well, not gold—but something besides a black hole. He can’t say no to the runaway bride he encounters while trying to take a break from his violent day job. The heat level in the book is eons beyond what Turkish media can portray, but the snark and the wild ride are a good match.

ASHWIN by Kit Rocha…What they have in common: The morality chain aspect comes into play hard in this book, and Ashwin working to be a better not-quite-human for Kora mimics the way Dilara is a catalyst for Gölge’s drift away from villainy toward anti-heroism. 

I hope I’ve tempted you to check out some dizis! And I have plenty more recommendations from where those came from…

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Katie Chats American Rom-Coms (& a K-Drama)

Sometimes (all the time), I'm in the mood to watch a rom com because it's such a fun way to spend the time and relax! After a conversation with Nick one day, I started to wonder: if characters from some of our favorite books could choose a movie to watch, which scenes would be their favorites? So this is just me musing, but here's the list I came up with! 


After getting over the sheer wonder that is the invention of the television as a man from 1827, I feel like Sam Moore from THE WIDOW OF ROSE HOUSE by Diana Biller would love this scene from Heath Ledger's 2005 version of Casanova! Sam is a scientist and inventor and thus, adorably fascinated by science-related. In this scene, Casanova whisks his heroine, Francesca, away on a hot air balloon for a private moment with her away from other partygoers, so not only was this super romantic but the hot air balloon was still a novel invention at this time that I can imagine would have impressed Sam as far as romantic gestures goes. I feel like Alva would also adore Francesca's character as an independent young woman in a society that is recognized to only acknowledge men's rights. 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Nina and Knox from DEAL WITH THE DEVIL by Kit Rocha both have one of my favorite dynamics for a couple: the we-love-each-other-and-oh-can't-you-feel-how-our-chemistry-and-sexual-tension-is-off-the charts-but-we're-supposed-to-kill-each-other. If it weren't so long, this would be the name of my Goodsreads shelf. But anyways, I can imagine Nina and Knox and co. having so much fun watching this one; the girls can root for Angelina, and the guys can groan over all the close calls Brad Pitt's character gets into as Jane shoots at him. 

Crash Landing On You

There are SO MANY scenes to swoon over from the Korean drama, Crash Landing On You, but I particularly turn into goo over this scene when our hero, Ri Jeong-hyeok, is putting away groceries, realizes that his love wouldn't be able to reach it because she's shorter than him, then proceeds to move them to a lower shelf after approximating her height. I couldn't help but think of Red from GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN by Talia Hibbert because he would totally be considerate of his and Chloe's height difference and also things he could do to make things easier with her chronic pain. 

Pride and Prejudice

Ah, it's about the ~hands~ and ~eye contact~ in this movie/scene. Which is the 2005 Pride and Prejudice starring Kiera Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen. Though I can totally see Elle going for something that has more com in 'rom com,' this scene reminded me of how Elle and Darcy from WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Alexandria Bellefleur couldn't deny the chemistry between them even when they couldn't tell if they actually liked each other, and I can see the two of them mentally do the Darcy Hand Flex to try to get rid of the feeling lol. 

Spinning Out

Not a particular scene here, but I happened to read FROM LUKOV WITH LOVE by Mariana Zapata and watch Netflix's Spinning Out around the same time and ever since then it's been hard to dissociate the two (not to mention that my ice skating obsession grew to a new high during that time). I loved both immensely, and though Jasmine and Ivan could use a break and watch something that isn't related to what they spend most of their waking hours perfecting, Spinning Out echoes their earlier animosity as they're forced to skate together that transforms into unshakeable support for each other and love. 

How to Steal A Million

Have you ever seen How to Steal a Million? It is one of my favorite movies to watch of all time, and though Sabrina Carlton and Nick Davenport from HEADLINERS by Lucy Parker are a far cry from trying to steal from a Parisian art museum to save her father from being revealed as an art forger, seeing Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole hide in their little janitor's closet during their heist gives me the same vibes when Sabrina and Nick staying hidden in the broadcast studio to try to capture who is trying to ruin their morning show. Honestly not sure how thrilled Nick would be to watch this since it doesn't strike me as the movie he'd pick up when given the choice of other things to watch, but luckily he's not calling the shots here, and I will take any opportunity to shamelessly promote this movie. 


Did anyone get Serendipity vibes when reading THE KINGMAKER by Kennedy Ryan? Serendipity is about two people who meet by chance, kind of fall in love at first sight, but choose to leave it up to fate to see if they will meet again. When Lennix and Maxim saw each other again in Amsterdam, my first thought was, 'Why can't this happen to me?' and my second thought was, 'This is like that scene in Serendipity when they get on separate elevators, press a random floor and see if they end up on the same floor.' I kid you not that this is where my brain went. Luckily, Maxim didn't get a small demon child pressing all the floor buttons in his elevator and actually saw Nix again and again.

The Last of the Mohicans

It's hard to picture Kaleb Krychek, the most powerful Psy in Nalini Singh's PSY-CHANGELING series sitting down with a bowl of popcorn to watch any movie, but there's this beautiful line in Heart of Obsidian that goes like this: “Sahara!” A rage of sound. “I’ll come for you! Survive! Survive for me!” The Last of the Mohicans isn't quite a rom-com by any means, but these two scenes parallel each other too well for me not to include it!

Leap Year

Leap Year and A DUKE BY DEFAULT have enough similarities to make Tavish and Portia chuckle over: They both feature a spoiled American miss meeting a grump with a sexy accent. They also aggravate each other more than anything in the beginning, but that only makes it more fun! 


Yeah, sure, Thea may also like watching Bridgerton, but don't try to tell me that the men of THE BROMANCE BOOK CLUB by Lyssa Kay Adams, who have dedicated time to read romance books to improve their personal relationships with their significant others, wouldn't sit down together to discuss how the show compared to the books (because of course, they would have read it already) and their thoughts on the series overall. Gavin may also feel empathetic towards Simon overcoming his stutter in the story. 

[Nick's Note: Bridgerton CW for sexual violence, reproductive coercion]

Crazy Rich Asians

In TRADE ME by Courtney Milan, Tina Chen agrees to switch lifestyles with her billionaire classmate, Blake Reynolds, and as much as a dream that sounds like, has to learn how to adjust to Blake's lifes and the family expectations that come with it. Crazy Rich Asians features something similar (with more pops of color and music) when Rachel meets Nick's family and learns just how rich - and disapproving of her - they are. Blake is used to doing an annual show with his dad to promote their latest tech in their Silicon Valley company, so I feel like he would also appreciate the grand gesture in the Crazy Rich Asians plane proposal scene!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

The antics in both YOU DESERVE EACH OTHER by Sarah Hogle and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is....something else haha. In You Deserve Each Other, Naomi and Nick are unhappily engaged and go through extensive lengths to sabotage each other's lives before they are due to walk down the aisle. Similarly, in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, they both go above and beyond with different pranks to drive the other person away or keep the other person around, depending on whose point of view you're in. I wouldn't blame Nick hiding this movie from Naomi though so she doesn't get any inspiration from it! 

Are there any rom coms or other movies/TV shows/dramas you think of when reading? 

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Nick Brings Up Bollywood

Hello!! I'm here to talk about Bollywood movies and romance novels. When I sat down to write this post, I wasn't entirely sure how to go about doing the pairings. There are so many routes I could have taken, but in the end, I chose to go by vibes more than anything. These won't be perfect matches, but hopefully, you'll take my word for it and give some of these movies a try. Many thanks to Mishma and Kailia for their help with some of these recommendations.


First up, we have one of my favorite Bollywood romances, Khoobsurat. It tells the story of a happy-go-lucky and romantic physiotherapist who is hired to help out a prince's father with his post-accident recovery. These two are the complete opposites of each other in terms of personality - she's all peppy and he is stoic and controlled - but man is their chemistry explosive! Based on the grumpy-sunshine vibes, I thought that readers who enjoyed A DUKE BY DEFAULT by Alyssa Cole would also enjoy this movie. In A Duke by Default, Portia, who is just a joy, gets an apprenticeship with Tavish, a certified grump, and a swordmaster.  They obviously do not get along at first because they are such opposites of each other, but neither can deny the chemistry. This book is one of my favorite Alyssa Cole books and I highly recommend it!

Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham... 

Ooh boy, where do I start with Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. It's a 3.5+ hours iconic family saga that's become somewhat of a household name for fans of Bollywood. I won't go too much into the gist of the plot but basically:

1. the son of a rich man falls in love with a poor girl
2. his father disapproves
3. he still marries her without his father's blessings
4. father disowns him
5. the second son tries to bring the family back together years later

It's a lot of emotional drama, but it's so good and I have watched this movie a million times now. There are two romances, one for each of the sons, but my personal favorite is the eldest son's romance because it's soft and sexy at the same time! For this pairing, I'm going with the family drama and forbidden love vibes

I think if you enjoyed THE KINGMAKER by Kennedy Ryan, which also has a romance where the hero's dad disapproves of the heroine, this movie is something you should check out. There's also a strong brotherly bond in this duet (*sobs*) which is also present in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham!

Another book that fits here is HATE TO WANT YOU by Alisha Rai. This book which involves feuding families and forbidden love is one of my favorite books by Alisha Rai. It's so good and so angsty! It's not to be missed if you haven't read it yet.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is another Bollywood classic and also a movie I adore so I had to feature it in this post. Rahul and Anjali are college best friends, but Anjali is secretly in love with Rahul, feelings that aren't reciprocated by him. When the hot new girl, Tina, shows up, Rahul falls in love with him, and Anjali is obviously devastated. *cries* She leaves and the movie fast-forwards to the present day where Rahul is now a widowed single father taking care of his capricious daughter also called Anjali! Through letters that her mom Tina wrote her, little Anjali comes to find the truth about old Anjali's feelings for her best friend and she comes up with a plan to reunite the two. I love this movie because I especially love the angst of unrequited love and friends-to-lovers scenarios. 

That's why I think one of my recent reads, RAVISHING THE HEIRESS by Sherry Thomas, is a good match for this movie. In Ravishing the Heiress, Millie and Fitz are forced into an arranged marriage. Millie loves Fitz, but Fitz is in love with another woman, who he is planning on reuniting with. They come up with a deal to not consummate their marriage and over the years, they develop a friendship with each other. And then, Fitz's love shows up ready to get back with him. This book is not for everyone but if you love pain and angst, I can't recommend this enough. Fitz is a dum-dum, but Millie is an angel who I loved so much.

Salaam Namaste 

I recently re-watched Salaam Namaste and realized how much I love this movie. It's set in Australia and tells the story of two Indians who don't really believe in marriage. Ambar, the heroine, is a med-student who works as an RJ at her local radio station to make ends meet, and Nick is a chef who dreams of opening his own restaurant. Ambar and Nick hate each other because Nick shows up at his interview at the radio station late and she proceeds to rag him on the radio. They meet at a wedding, become good friends, and eventually move in together as roommates. Of course, they end up falling in love and whoopsie daisies, Ambar is pregnant and Nick wants nothing to do with the baby. Well, Ambar hates him again.

The local radio station RJ and the hate/dislike-to-love aspects of Salaam Namaste pairs nicely with THE EX TALK by Rachel Lynn Solomon, which features two characters who work at Seattle public radio station and don't always like each other. You will also like this movie if you liked the roommates-falling-in-love plot of THE ROOMMATE by Rosie Danan - Josh is a much purer and wholesome character than Nick though.

Band Baaja Baaraat 

Band Baaja Baaraat is set in the world of wedding planning and it is so much fun! I don't enjoy a lot of these newer Bollywood movies but this was a good release. The heroine is focused on starting up her wedding planning business and the hero is try to woo her. When she refuses, he finds a way to become a partner in her business. They spend a lot of time planning weddings, getting caught up in the high that weddings bring, and of course, falling in love. 

I have two recommendations for this pairing. First up is THE WORST BEST MAN by Mia Sosa. If you haven't read this fun romantic comedy yet, it's the story of a wedding planner, Carolina, who is forced to collaborate with the brother of the man who left her at the altar, to achieve her dream contract. It's so good and so funny! Weddings are at the forefront of this book, so naturally I thought this would be a good fit for fans of Band Baaja Baaraat. 

Next up is another series that features wedding planners that I also loved: Lauren Layne's THE WEDDING BELLES series. It's one of my favorite series from her and that first book, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, would especially fit nicely with this movie.

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

Fair warning, Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela is what we call a tragic romance a.k.a it does not have a happy ending for the main couple. It's an Indian retelling of Romeo and Juliet, so you can probably judge how this ends. I normally wouldn't recommend a movie without a HEA but this movie is a visual treat. The director has a specific aesthetic style that is extravagant and a feast for your eyes. And the music and the dancing! Also, the chemistry between the leads (who are married now IRL, btw) is HOT. There's also a lot of crime and violence at the center of this plot.

For this match-up, I'm going with crime family and forbidden love between feuding families vibes. Hence why I'm choosing THE WEDDING PACT by Katee Robert. I love a lot of books by Katee Robert but this is one of my favorites. Carrigan and James belong to rival mafia families and their romance is 100% a forbidden love one. The chemistry is absolutely fire and I highly recommend the entire series! AND unlike the movie, The Wedding Pact ends with a happily-ever-after for this couple!

Dil Dhadakne Do 

Dil Dhadakne Do is an ensemble cast movie about a family that invites their friends on a cruise ship to celebrate the parents' 30th anniversary. Though there are definitely romances (I particularly enjoyed a second chance romance between two childhood friends), the focus is more on the family dynamics and the friendships that evolve over this family vacation. 

For this reason, I am pairing it with EVER AFTER ALWAYS by Chloe Liese. This book features the marriage-in-trouble trope and it's SO GOOD. The Bergmans are a big family, so if you enjoyed the family dynamics in the series, this movie will work for you. The book also has a big family vacation to celebrate the parents' anniversary like the movie. There are plenty of emotions, meddlesome family members, and a whole lot of love.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge!

Alright, so I'm actually not the biggest fan of Mujhse Dosti Karoge because the acting is CRINGE, but I do like the concept! It's a love triangle between three friends, Raj, Tina, and Pooja. They were all good family friends when they were little and Raj had a crush on Tina, until he had to move to the UK with his family. He wrote e-mails to Tina over the years, but instead of Tina responding, it's Pooja who responds to him while signing Tina's name. Now Raj is back and is in love with Tina and poor Pooja has to watch from the sidelines as these two flirt openly.

I really love the love-letter writing phase of this movie which is why I thought it suited well for LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON by Lisa Kleypas. It's done much better in the book, in my opinion, because books >>>> movies. In Love in the Afternoon, Beatrix, responds to letters that Christopher writes to her friend, Pru, while he is away at war, signing Pru's name. Now he is back and determined to marry the woman he has fallen in love with over the course of their correspondances. The only problem is that he thinks that it's Pru. This is one of my favorite Lisa Kleypas books of all-time and it's one I often re-read. Watching Christopher realize that Beatrix, the quirky girl he labelled as strange, is the one who he really fell in love with gives me a rush every single time.

The Zoya Factor

The Zoya Factor is an adaptation of a book, so I could probably just tell you to go read that, but I won't because I haven't read it. This movie is a sports romance, cricket specifically! The heroine, Zoya, is a bit jinxed when it comes to her love life but she is apparently a lucky mascot for the Indian cricket team. They only seem to win matches when the team interacts with her. On the opposite end we have the team captain, Nikhil, who doesn't believe in superstitions is quite grumpy towards Zoya. But he's also attracted to her.

For this pairing, I'm going for the sport romance vibes. I liked that this movie gave you at a glimpse of sports behind the TV screen, which therefore reminds me of INTERCEPTED by Alexa Martin. Intercepted does a good job at diving into what it's like to be the girlfriend of a famous football player, which is also explored in The Zoya Factor.

Ek Ladki To Dekha To Aisa Laga

Ek Ladki To Dekha To Aisa Laga, to my knowledge, is the first mainstream/commercial Bollywood movie featuring an F/F couple at the core of the story. It's quite a lovely story, depicting the challenges of not being out in a traditional Indian family, but also being soft and gentle in the depiction of its romance. It also has a HEA which was a relief!

If you like soft and romantic sapphic books like SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT by Meryl Wilsner, WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Alexandria Bellefleur, WHEN TARA MET FARAH by Tara Pammi, and HONEY GIRL by Morgan Rogers, this movie will work beautifully for you!

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