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Monday, November 16, 2020

Happy Monday!

I am bringing you a set of mini-reviews for a few books I recently read from Kindle Unlimited. I recently renewed my subscription and it's safe to say I'm enjoying discovering more and more authors daily. Let me know if you have any recommendations for authors and books I need to check out from Kindle Unlimited.


by Danielle Allen

Publication Date: July 26th 2018

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Adult

Star Quotient: ★★★

Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷


Holy sexiness! Danielle Allen has been my latest romance author-discoveries this year. Her books click with me and provide me with just the kind of entertainment of books. Sweatpants Season was no different. I love how Danielle Allen writes protagonists that I end up easily caring about. Akila was an intelligent and career-driven freelance journalist who had accomplished some amazing goals. I loved how she stood for what she believed in and didn't have any trouble speaking her mind. Carlos was just the perfect complement to her. He was equally intelligent and passionate. He was dreamy with how respectful he was of her. Together, they were very compatible and I shipped them so hard. Akila and Carlos's chemistry was obvious from the start. The sexy times were fire and the romantic progression worked really well - there's a bit of a rivals-to-lovers vibe to the story if that's a trope you enjoy. Their relationship did have a few obstacles including their new jobs as co-writers for a magazine and a podcast show that Carlos hosted with some misogynistic friends, but they never felt excessive or unrealistic. Speaking of misogynistic friends, Sweatpants Season also tackled sexism, toxic masculinity, and sexual harassment. I appreciated the author's thoughtful commentaries through the voices of her characters and their reactions. I had a great time reading Sweatpants Season and I 100% recommend the book for a sexy and flirty experience.



by Meghan Quinn

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Adult

Star Quotient: ★★★

Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷1/2

Ari recommended this series to me and it was a boatload of fun. It focused on four brothers, the Knightley brothers, who were love-cursed on a trip to New Orleans and their journey to finding their happily ever afters. There is a lot about this series that was delightful. First up, I loved the bond between the siblings (they also have an older sister). We get snippets of their group chat in all of the books and oh my gosh, they were hilarious. Griffin, Rogan, Reid, and Brigs all had very different personalities so the group chat was pure chaos, but it was fun watching them pull each other's legs and insult each other as siblings do. All of the romances were pretty good too. My favorite was the one in That Forever Girl, which features a second chance romance. My least favorite book in the series was Brig's story in That Swoony Feeling which was surprising because it was the one I was most looking forward to. He was annoyingly dense in the book when it came to his heroine's feelings for him and I grew tired of it. That book also had some strange sexist comments I wasn't fond of. The setting in this series of Port Snow was so dreamy and picturesque. It's set in a small coastal town full of nosy neighbors, the cutest little shops, and there's a delicious sweets shop that the Knightley's parents owned. I would love to spend a holiday or two at a small coastal town like that! Overall, I had a pleasant time reading this series. I recommend it if you're into books strong on the bromance and small-towns.


by Christina C. Jones

Publication Date: June 22nd 2020

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Adult

Star Quotient: ★★★

Kiss Factor: ✷✷

Christina C Jones is a very versatile and prolific author. I have enjoyed a couple of her books and I was excited to pick up The Reinvention of the Rose because it sounded a little different from her other books. It features Tempest, a former assassin who moves away from the organization that she works for in order to settle back into a more "normal" lifestyle. I was intrigued by the concept because we don't typically see assassins of any sort as main characters in contemporary romance settings. I liked Tempest's character a lot. She was readjusting to a new kind of life in the book and the journey was enjoyable. Her assassin background definitely meant that she had an almost fierce and impenetrable shell, but she had her moments of softness. I liked how outspoken and confident she was and how she didn't take anyone's BS quietly. I did expect to see a little more of her past as an assassin here, but the story was more focused on her journey forward. Tristan was a decent love interest, but he grated on my nerves a few times when he refused to see the truth in front of his eyes. He just didn't seem to know how to handle the very annoying situation of a clingy ex. Speaking of this ex, I thought she took away so much from the actual romance. She was clingy and annoying and deserved to be thrown off a cliff for how much of a saboteur she was. She needed to be gone the minute she showed up and it frustrated me how much page space her nonsense got. In the end, though the romance in The Reinvention of the Rose was not my favorite, I would give this one a read for the protagonist, Tempest.

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