Murder On Cold Street by Sherry Thomas

Monday, October 19, 2020

by Sherry Thomas
Series: Lady Sherlock #5
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Adult
Publisher: Berkley Publishing
Publication Date: October 6th 2020
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★1/2
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷

I am so in love with the Lady Sherlock series, I can't possibly express my feelings for it no matter what I say. I had high hopes for Murder on Cold Street and once again, Sherry Thomas delivered with just the story I was expecting. 

If you want my opinion on these characters, please check out my previous reviews. I don't want to be too repetitive so I won't dwell on the characterizations but know that Sherry Thomas is a master at what she does. With every book, I fall further and further in love with Charlotte and every facet of her personality. Though she remained whip-smart and quirky, we also begin to see her try to understand her emotional side more. Lord Ingram, my fictional husband, also continued to be the steadfast support that Charlotte needed not only in her investigations, but also her life in general. Charlotte's relationship with a certain beau that has a strong foundation in their friendship continued to be the highlight of this series for me. In Murder on Cold Street, we finally (FINALLY!) see some progress in the relationship. They have been dancing around each other for 4 books now and I think Murder On Cold Street took that relationship one step further. When I say that I want to fangirl scream whenever the two even share a touch or a gaze, I'm not even exaggerating - I just love them so much. This has quite possibly been one of the most deliciously torturous ship, but it has been truly worth the patience for me. Only Sherry Thomas could have gotten me this invested in this relationship.

Moving on from the romance ... I've enjoyed all the mysteries in this series, but the one in Murder On Cold Street is my favorite so far. The case had Charlotte and her friends working together to help Inspector Treadles, who has been accused of murder. It was my favorite case for two reasons 1) readers were presented with the opportunity to learn about Inspector Treadles and his life and 2) the locked room case was one full of unexpected, but cleverly crafted twists. I am in constantly in awe of Sherry Thomas' mind and in this one my face throughout entire book closely resembled the mind-blown emoji: ­čĄ»! I was also pleasantly surprised by the character of Mrs. Treadles, Inspector Treadles' wife, who proved to be a fascinating character with her own strengths and secrets to rival those of Charlotte. We see terrific growth from her and I hope we do see her again down the line. 

While each book does feature its own mystery, there's an overarching plotline that involves Moriarty. Therefore, I don't recommend reading these books out of order. Plus, readers will certainly miss out on some impressive character and relationship development. Murder on Cold Street ended on an exciting note for me, and I'm eager to see where the Moriarty storyline is heading. Knowing Sherry Thomas, it's bound to be mind-blowing and I can't wait.

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