Birthday Shot by Rilzy Adams

Thursday, October 22, 2020

by Rilzy Adams
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: August 21st 2020
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷

Rilzy Adams has been a very fun author discovery for me - thank you, Twitter. I love how I can spend a few solid hours with her stories thoroughly entertained and satisfied. Birthday Shot was especially a must-read for me since I'm a big fan of the older brother's best friend trope when done well. Yet again, the author delivered with a solid story that had me swooning and fanning myself.

The protagonist of Birthday Shot, Shae, was terrific. She had an easy-going and fun-loving personality that I effortlessly vibed with. I could totally see her being an awesome person to hang out with in real because she had a positive energy to her, She had worked hard to build her career as a social media influencer, something Shae was very passionate about.  I enjoyed seeing all the behind-the-scenes of her shoots and just how much work and effort she put into it. Perhaps the only aspect of her life that wasn't thriving was her love life. This was where her 30th birthday bash and her older brother's best friend, Kofi, came into play. Shae has always had a bit of a crush on him and while Kofi has also been attracted to Shae, neither had acted on their feelings because of Shae's brother, Sheldon. Kofi was 100% romance hero material. He was a hunk who had some seriously swoony moves he easily dropped. Growing up, Kofi was in an emotionally abusive environment, so he found solace with Sheldon and his family. He underwent a journey of emotional growth in Birthday Shot, finally confronting his mother for her ignorance and lack of action against his stepfather. I loved Kofi and his arc and I'll be side-eyeing anyone who tries to steal this man from me. 😤

The chemistry between Shae and Kofi was FIRE. I swear it's an artform how Rilzy Adams is an absolute pro at nailing all the romantic tension and sexy vibes between her couples. I was genuinely surprised that these two hadn't given in to their attraction sooner because of how palpable it was. These two were verrah kinky and into public sexy times 👀, but for me, what made their relationship memorable was their understanding of each other's emotional sides. They were super cute as a couple- I loved their little dates - and they showed great support for each other throughout the story. As you probably guessed, Sheldon did cause a bit of a scene with his overdramatic and overprotective brother act. You'll probably want to shake him a few times, but Shae and Kofi handled him well, so his actions didn't feel particularly obstructive to their relationship. Besides the romance, I also really loved Shae's friendship with her bestie, Jada. These two were trouble when they were together, but I loved how much they would hype each other up. They were such a fun duo! Also, the Antigua setting was divine! I especially loved all the insight into the Caribbean culture. I would be lying if I said that a holiday to Antigua isn't on my bucket list now just because of this book - post-covid, of course!

Birthday Shot was a quick read and it was so much fun that I was actually let down when it ended. If you're in the search for a great contemporary romance with a couple that has fantastic chemistry, this one is definitely for you.


Hello, friends!

Rilzy Adams was kind enough to stop by the blog to answer some questions. I hope you enjoy this interview! 😁

Shae in BIRTHDAY SHOT is a successful influencer. What would a mini-script of one of her YouTube videos look like?

Welcome to IslandGyalTings, life sprinkled with sunshine. Come explore with a Caribbean girl experiencing this big, bad world. Yes, my content features heavily on travel, fashion and lifestyle but I hope that this channel can be a place of inspiration along with the entertainment. Let’s live our best lives together!

Kofi shares a complicated relationship with his mother which is in contrast to the relationship Shae has with her own parents. I loved that he found a second more nurturing home with his best friend, Sheldon, and his family. Was it important to you that Kofi had that second home? 

Kofi is pretty well adjusted. He was confident and very forthright throughout the book despite his upbringing. I think it was important that there was a counter balance to the kind of home he came out of. I thought: where would he get that balance? It became very obvious that the balance would have come from watching and experiencing the healthy relationship Sheldon and Shae had with their parents. It also explained the extra layer of indebtedness he felt towards Sheldon. 

If Kofi could give one piece of advice to someone in the same boat as him, what would it be?

I think Kofi would want people to know that their feelings about their situations in life are valid no matter what other persons might try to say. It is important to find an outlet for those feelings and find a way to validate yourself because it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility.

Shae and Kofi invite one of your readers to spend the day with them in Antigua. Where are they taking them? What food are they eating? 

This is an exciting but hard question. They would definitely drag you along to Sheer Rocks (the infamous sex in the pool restaurant) because it is a really nice place to relax, along with Boom at Gunpowder House. There is nothing uniquely Antiguan about the food being served but they are definitely made for a good, relaxing time.

As to things that are uniquely Antiguan or just rather things that Antiguan’s enjoy: punch soda, bread and cheese (it isn’t sliced bread but rather what we call a ‘wood bread’); the traditional Sunday breakfast of saltfish with chop up; our national dish is fungee and pepperpot (it is a cornmeal type dish that is kind of like polenta but not quite). Depending on how adventurous the visitor is and if it is a weekend, they would definitely take them to have rice pudding and souse which is sooo popular here even though it does not look appetizing. Regarding places to visit, definitely Shirley’s Heights, Devil’s Bridge (there is a cool story to go with this), any one of the three hundred and sixty five beaches and Stingray City. Of course, they would advise that persons visited during Carnival in time in the very least for the steel pan competition and the parade.

We have to talk about all the public sexy times! First of all, HOT! How do you think the two would react if they got caught by one of Shae's fans or worse, their parents?

Kofi is truly as cool as a cucumber (I think that’s the phrase, LOL). He very rarely gets ruffled so I feel like he would be more concerned about Shae’s reaction or how she would process being caught.  And to be clear, Shae would likely lose her shit. I think the fact she went along with the public displays of lust had a lot to do with how much she trusted his judgment and trusted him to keep her safe.

I also want to talk briefly about Shae's best friend, Jada. Are there any celebrity/fictional TV or movie friend duo you think Shae and Jada would get along with and why?

I am not sure about celebrity pairings and I have truly been thinking about it a lot. I, however, think Jada and Shae’s relationship reminds me of my own relationship with my best friend. I am forever an instigator, so quite a lot like Jada.

Finally, can you share with us what you're currently working on?

I am currently working on ‘Before We Fall’ the second book in the ‘Unexpected Lovers’ series. It follows ‘Go Deep’ but is a completely different book in tone. It is softer than the more sexually charged ‘Go Deep’ but I am truly enjoying Cole and Tasha’s road to love. 
I also had a random plot idea for a sexy novelette while watching a YouTube vlog. It is called: ATE. It has been a nice distraction. 

Thank you to Rilzy for answering my questions! I hope it's convinced you to give her books a try!

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