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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Happy Wednesday, friends!

I hope you're all doing well.
I've been down for the past week or so. This pandemic has made me grateful for all my friends I've met online. They are truly keeping me sane and connected, in a way. School has been tough for me lately. I have so much that needs to be done, but I can only get through a couple of tasks a day. It's become a real source of frustration.

On a more positive note, I've started a new Turkish drama and I'm obsessed with it. I had seen a couple of folks mention it on Twitter and omg, it's so good. It has all of my favorite tropes including fake-engagement and enemies-to-lovers. The chemistry between the actors is FIRE. SEE BELOW.

OK I'll stop now ...

I got Lisa and Katie to watch it too and now it's all we talk about. 😅 I've never watched a Turkish drama before but it's interesting how some Turkish words are very familiar to me since they bear a close resemblance to French and Hindi. If any of you watch it, let me know in the comments below! I want to hear all about your thoughts.

Let's get to my W.W.W post!

What Am I Currently Reading?

Reading has been a little tough this month. So I decided it would be the right time to do my annual re-read of Pretty Face. I think I've re-read this book 7 times already and there's a reason why I keep re-reading it. It's just so comforting and probably one of the best romances to ever be written.

What Will I Read Next?

I think I'll pick up Float Plan next. Lisa really loved this one and I'm excited to read it myself because I've loved Trish's YA books. She's an amazing writer. This sounds very sad but also hopeful.

What Am I Waiting On?

This book sounds like so much fun! Aunties and a murder mystery? I'm here for it! Take a look at the book summary:


2 thousand wedding guests

3 (maybe) cursed generations

4 meddling Asian aunties to the rescue!

When Meddelin Chan ends up accidentally killing her blind date, her meddlesome mother calls for her even more meddlesome aunties to help get rid of the body. Unfortunately, a dead body proves to be a lot more challenging to dispose of than one might anticipate, especially when it is accidentally shipped in a cake cooler to the over-the-top billionaire wedding Meddy, her Ma, and aunties are working, at an island resort on the California coastline. It’s the biggest job yet for their family wedding business—“Don’t leave your big day to chance, leave it to the Chans!”—and nothing, not even an unsavory corpse, will get in the way of her auntie’s perfect buttercream cake flowers.

But things go from inconvenient to downright torturous when Meddy’s great college love—and biggest heartbreak—makes a surprise appearance amid the wedding chaos. Is it possible to escape murder charges, charm her ex back into her life, and pull off a stunning wedding all in one weekend?


I think this book is going to be wildly entertaining and I can't wait! 

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