The Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh

Monday, September 7, 2020

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Today, I'm bringing you a fairly lengthy post about the Psy-Changeling series. As you may have seen on my Twitter, I read these books while we were in lockdown (thank you, library!) upon the insistence of my friends, Lisa and Katie, and I loved my experience with it. It's easily one of my favorite series of all-time and I look forward to re-reading it every year with my friends. I'm very thankful to Nalini Singh and these books for being something positive I could look forward to during this wretched year. I'm also really happy to now be a member of the amazing fandom! 😊

I was trying to brainstorm creative ways to summarize my experience with this 19-books series and it wasn't easy, but I really really wanted to chat about these books. 

 So, I've divided this post into 4 sections.

1) First, I'll share 5 reasons why I love the series

2) Next, because of my love of all things baked goods and desserts, I thought I'd pair the covers of each book in the series with a tasty dessert. It's my way of showing love to these books.
I also share Tweet reviews for each of the books as well as my rating.

3) I rank the male main characters in the series.

4) Finally, I play F***, Marry, Kill with the characters!

I know it's a lengthy post, but I hope you enjoy reading it!

5 Reasons Why I Love The Psy-Changeling Series

1. KALEB KRYCHEK (the only relevant reason)
1. All the characters are endearing
I don't read a ton of PNR/urban fantasy, especially not ones as long as this series. I find them super intimidating and I know that at some point I'll be bored. The nice thing about this series is that it features an overarching plotline, but each book features a different couple. I'm not sure how Nalini Singh has managed to create such distinct and charming characters. I found myself growing attached to each and everyone featured as main characters, as well as the secondary characters. I think there's a character for everyone in these books.

Most importantly, however, my #1 reason for loving this series is my husband, Kaleb Krychek. If you follow me on Twitter, then you've seen me go on and on and on about this man. 😍😌Unfortunately, I can't talk much about him for spoilery reasons. That means those of you who haven't tried the series MUST read these books to find out just why I'm obsessed with him.

2. Family dynamics
Readers who love family dynamics explored in books will love the Psy-Changeling books. Central to this series are the changeling (or shifter) packs, which function as large family units. The bonds between the changelings will absolutely warm your heart. It's lovely to read about these characters who love and support each other through thick and thin. As the series progresses, we also see the dynamics between the different packs as well as the packs and the other races, which include the Psy, who have powerful mental abilities, and the humans. Among the Psy, I was particularly invested in the Arrow Squad. These trained assassins are very lethal and appear to have zero emotions (as with the other Psys), but we see a deep sense of loyalty among them. 

When I think about what the most memorable part of this series was, my mind immediately goes to all the relationships and bonds the characters form with each other. This is a series about family, love, hope, and unity.

3. The world-building is epic
My gosh, the world-building in this series! Nalini Singh is an evil genius and I am in awe of all the little details that went into creating this vivid world. The power dynamics and the politics of the three races, in particular, are so interesting and what kept me invested in this series. World-building in such a lengthy series can easily get overwhelming, but Nalini presents it all carefully in a way that doesn't feel like you're being inundated. 

4. The romances are swoony and sexy
Do I need to say more? The series has lots of wonderful tropes that I like. Though I definitely have couples that I prefer over others, all of the couples in this series were pretty fantastic. The notion of fated mates is a common thread throughout this series and it's actually quite fascinating how the author manages to make the pairings so natural.

Nalini Singh can also write one heck of a steamy scene. You'd think that things would start to feel repetitive at some point, but nope!

OK, I have to mention the pups, cubs, and kids in this series. They were all so special. I feel like I haven't met one baby character in this series that I disliked. They were precious and brought so much lightness and humor to their scenes. My personal favorites were Roman and Julian, twin leopard cubs, Ben, a wolf pup, and the rowdy bear cubs introduced in Silver Silence.

Cover-Dessert Pairings & Tweet Reviews

Slave to Sensation

The baby leopards and Sasha's sexy dreams featuring Lucas were the highlights for me!

Visions of Heat

Once again, the cubs steal the show. Faith is one of my all-time favorite heroines in this series. I do think Vaughn could be a bit much at times, but I found that I didn't dislike him as others in the fandom.

Caressed by Ice 

OMGGGGGG!!! One of my favorites! Judd and Brenna had the perfect romance and watching these two fall in love was a dreamy experience.

Mine to Possess

Talin is not a fan favorite, but I liked her and Clay's story a lot. I disagree with my friend, Loosa, that they are boring! 

Hostage to Pleasure

Ashaya's son, Keenan, is actually the cutest! Dorian was an interesting changeling as he doesn't have the ability to shift into his leopard form. He and Ashaya made for an excellent couple who helped each other grow.

Branded by Fire


Blaze of Memory

Dev & Katya were SO SOFT together. I loved them so much. And the ending chapters had me weeping in a corner.

Bonds of Justice 

What I liked about this book:

1. Kaleb Krychek going for a run
2. Kaleb Krychek destroying ******.
3. Kaleb Krycheck pining *sniff* (but not for me)

I guess Max and Sophia were cute too!

Play of Passion 

Andrew courting Indigo is everything!! This is another one I was looking forward to in the series and it delivered.

Kiss of Snow

I was a little concerned going into this one because the age-gap between Hawke and Sienna is quite significant given Sienna is only 19. But Nalini proves to me that she knows what she's doing and that I shouldn't doubt her. I like Hawke, but Sienna is the star!

Tangle of Need 

This one is the angstiest in the series! Riaz and Adria are the only changeling couple in this series who aren't mated to each other. The two had my chest aching.

Heart of Obsidian

1 million stars!

Shield of Winter

Oof, this one! It hurt a lot but Vasic and Ivy's story was worth it.

Shards of Hope

With a series this long, I was bound to find a book that I didn't love. Sadly, Shards of Hope wasn't the best read for me. There was too much going on and I never felt the connection between Aden & Zaira.

Allegiance of Honor

*sobs forever because I will never find a Kaleb Krychek for myself*
But also the cubs, pups, and pupcubs were SO FREAKING CUTE in this one! It was a phenomenal ending to the first arc of the series! I was definitely emotional reading this book because it was really bittersweet.

Silver Silence

We finally meet some bears!
I think this is my favorite in the series overall so far (😭😭😭😭 I'm sorry for betraying you, Kaleb). I loved loved loved the bears! Valentin, the cutest little teddy bear, and Silver, ice princess of my dreams, were so good together. How does Nalini do it???

Ocean Light

We meet some sea changelings in this one and I'm fascinated! I think there's a ton of potential for some great stories here. Anyways, these two sure did know how to get my heart aching. 😩😩
Kaia and Bowen were so soft and lovely. I wanted to protect the two in bubble wrap.

Wolf Rain

Alexei and Memory were so cute, but Wolf Rain doesn't rank in my favorites of this series.

Alpha Night

Our first female alpha heroine! I adored Selenka and her mate, Ethan. This is the first book we see insta-mating and as you can imagine, Nalini made me fall for that too, even though that's not something I thought I'd enjoy.

Ranking The Psy-Changeling Heroes

18. Vaughn
17. Max
16. Clay
15. Alexei
14. Dorian
13. Drew
12. Hawke
11. Vasic
10. Walker
9. Lucas
8. Dev
7. Ethan
6. Bow
5. Riaz
4. Riley
3. Judd
2. Valentin
1. Kaleb

Before you ask, no, I refuse to rank the heroines because I love them all so much and it would actually torture me to try and put someone in the bottom.

Playing F***, Marry, Kill

Thanks to Katie and Lisa for this idea! 

Changeling Edition

F - Riley
M - Valentin
K - Vaughn (maybe also Teijan because he's a rat even though Katie likes to remind me that he's a well-dressed rat!!)

Psy Edition 

F - Kaleb (one word: EARTHQUAKES)
M - Kaleb
K - SANTANO (Also, Ming, but I'll let Sienna do it)
🤫🤫Shh - don't call me out on cheating!

Arrows Edition

F - Judd
M - Ethan
K - Aden

Human Edition 

F - Hmmmmmm not sure about this one
M - Bowen
K - Max

If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading!
Are you a fan of the Psy-Changeling series?
For those of you who are fans, I encourage you to play F/M/K in the comments below! I'm so curious to hear your picks!