The Legal Affair by Nisha Sharma

Monday, August 17, 2020


by Nisha Sharma
Series: The Singh Family #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: August 18th 2020
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷

OMG, this series!! It owns my entire desi heart and has to be one of my favorite adult romance series. I love that these books portray South Asian characters as sexy and bold, but also highlights a range of family dynamics. After loving the first book, The Takeover Effect, I've been dying to read The Legal Affair. Nisha Sharma delivers on a delectable and swoony romance helmed by a boss babe of a heroine. Romance readers are going to devour this story!

Raj, the stunning heroine of The Legal Affair, OWNS ME, BODY AND SOUL. Yes, I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but I had so much respect and admiration for her. She has built this entire empire for herself from basically nothing. Raj was hardworking, determined, and was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted out of life. Most importantly, she wasn't afraid to go after what she wanted. She was very much of an alpha female and I was 100% here for it. In fact, it made me realize how much more I want to see alpha females in my books. At the start of The Legal Affair, she was coming off of a divorce and was ready to steer her life and career in the direction she wanted. Her ex-husband was an idiot who took basically brought her down. She is now trying to make amends which is how she meets her love interest, Ajay. What I loved about Raj was how complex and layered she was. Yes, on the outside, she was a total badass, but she was also very sensitive. Her soft side when it came to puppies and her vulnerabilities about her estranged mafia-like family back in India also made a character you hug while looking up to her in awe. You could say that I was completely in love with Raj! 😉

That's not to say that I didn't love Ajay. He was the perfect companion for Raj. While the chemistry between them burned strong from the moment they met, they didn't start off on the right foot since he wasn't sure he believed that Raj was not involved with her ex-husband and his schemes to bring down Ajay's family company. But they somehow wind up circling each other and neither can deny the intensity of their passion. Ajay was as intelligent and hardworking as Raj was. I loved how much his love and respect for his family shone through The Legal Affair. What I loved best about him was how he viewed Raj as his equal. They were both pretty powerful and he constantly showed Raj that he respected and marveled at her. Ajay was a giant softie and it showed in all his interactions with Raj and his family. I don't think I quite realized how much I love a soft hero who is also excellent at all the dirty talk. Phew!! Raj was also very good at the dirty talk by the way and I loved that we got to see a couple where both the characters were vocal about their sexual desires -the bedroom scenes were very hot! I also really loved the softer and more emotional moments between the two. They could be super cute together and it made my shipper heart very happy.

If you want to read a series about rich brown people thriving, living their best lives, and falling in love with each other, don't sleep on the Singh Family series, romance bookworms!


Hi, friends!

I'm thrilled to have Nisha Sharma stop by to answer a few questions for you guys. I hope this helps convince you guys to pick up this series if you haven't read it yet. :)

How would you convince readers new to The Singh Family series to pick up the books using a Tweet (140 characters)? 

TSF trilogy is about badass brown billionaires and the boss babes who love them.

Raj in THE LEGAL AFFAIR is the definition of a boss-babe. I admired how she was confident and goal-oriented, but also had her vulnerable side. What is the biggest message you would want readers to take away from Raj's character?

Raj’s character was so fun to write. I feel a lot of my “workplace persona” went into developing her, but she became so much greater than I had envisioned. With Raj, I wanted to normalize divorce which is work that still needs to be done in the South Asian community. I also wanted to write a character that didn’t have a burning desire to have children and was living proof that immigrating to the U.S. is not as easy as people think.

But when it comes to those sticky, soft and sweet emotions, I wanted to show readers that an alpha female character doesn’t have to reject love to be strong.

 It's date-night and Raj and Ajay decide to spend the night in. What Shah-Rukh Khan movie are they watching and what is Ajay cooking for them?

Haha! I love this question so much. Let’s see. Neither of them has a lot of time because they both work around the clock, so the movie can’t be something super long from the Shah Rukh Khan canon. They’d prefer action to slow burn and something that they can criticize later. I’d say Dilwale, because it has some laughs, it has some explosions, and most importantly, it was seriously bad and allow both Raj and Ajay countless hours to discuss at length.

During this movie date night, Ajay would make some chaat because what’s better than some street food snacks and chai? He would also whip up a saag paneer because it’s important to get in those veggies and spinach plus cheese is always delicious.

Since you grew up loving Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and The Babysitter's Club, which characters do you think Ajay and Raj would have gotten along with in their younger days?

I think that Joe Hardy and Ajay would’ve been bff’s. They both have a playful side but can get serious about protecting family. As for Raj, she and Kristy from babysitter’s club would’ve taken over the world. In charge, determined to make a profit, and also loves chosen family. They could’ve built a babysitting empire.

All of The Singhs decide to go on a family holiday. Where are they going and what does their itinerary look like?

Well, if Ajay’s parents have it their way, the family would all go to Punjab and spend a month at the family haveli sprawling in the mustard and sugar cane fields. If Mina and Raj have any say in the matter, they’d take a private plane to Ibiza and sprawl on the beach while sipping mango margaritas. The guys would say that it was not a time for vacation, and there was too much work to do.

Can you share what your upcoming releases are using just emojis?

Sure! My very next release is:

👩‍❤️‍👨Couple with heart between them

Thank you so much to Nisha for taking the time to answer my questions. 

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