Here To Stay by Adriana Herrera

Thursday, August 20, 2020


by Adriana Herrera
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: August 25th 2020
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★1/2
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷1/2

Adriana Herrera is one of the best modern romance writers. As romance readers, we're incredibly blessed to experience her stunning stories that feature some of the most diverse casts. Here to Stay is easily one of my favorite contemporary romance novels of the year. It was a treat to read and I hope you have the book on your radar.

Adriana Herrera is a pro at penning characters that possess layers and layers of depth. Julia as a protagonist is endearing and easy to fall for. I loved her voice and being inside her head brought me nothing but joy. Julia followed her ex all the way to Dallas, leaving behind her Dominican family in NYC, only to have the relationship end on a sour note. Thankfully for Julia, she has a great opportunity in the form of her dream job running a charitable foundation of a department store. Except, to Julia's dismay, a consultant who could very much end her career has been hired by the CEO. I love that Adriana Herrera writes these heroines who are dedicated to the work they do. Every scene of Julia talking about her social work permeated with her dedication and passion. She cared deeply about the people-in-need she was trying her best to help. Her commitment to her job came across really well throughout the book. I honestly think that Julia is the sort of character that everyone would love to have as a friend in real life. She is humorous and has the most inviting personality. Her quick wit, fiery personality, no-nonsense attitude also meant that Julia wasn't afraid to mince her words, a quality that serves her well when dealing with Rocco.

Rocco is the consultant brought in to potentially cut Julia's social program. Oh man, is Rocco a dreamy hero! Some of my favorite romance heroes are the ones who are soft and vulnerable but can also make you want to drop your undies with their dirty talk. Rocco is exactly that sort of hero. Did I also mention that he is tattoed? *swoon* He is a total swoony-worthy dreamboat and he made me immensely happy. There's a particular scene in Here To Stay during which he shows up at Julia's doorstep with a teeny tiny kitten he's trying to save and asdfghjkl! I WAS A PILE OF GOO. I don't know how Julia did not climb him like a tree right at that moment. Rocco's painful relationship with his parents played a big influence on his personality and despite not being treated like the way a son should be treated, his love for his younger sister remains steadfast and pure. All of it made for a lovable hero who is book-husband material worthy.

You probably guessed already that Julia and Rocco do not get along at first. They are both intensely attracted to each other, but their respective professions act as mammoth-sized obstacles to their relationship. They somehow find themselves in each other's circles, forcing them to interact, get to know each other, and eventually connect emotionally. These two stubborn dodos are obviously perfect for one another. Watching them do their mating dance is pure fun and I personally couldn't wait for them to take their chemistry to the bedroom. My patience paid off. The sex scenes in this book deserve their own paragraph, but I'm going to leave all that good stuff for you readers to discover on your own. I do have five words that will probably convince you guys to pick up Here to Stay: dirty talking hero AND heroine!

Adriana Herrera also portrays some of the best family dynamics. Julia's family are scene-stealers that also happen to steal my heart in the process. I adored her parents, grandmother, and sister. They are the most cheerful and optimistic fictional family I've ever come across and I loved how close they were to each other. Their connection to their Dominican culture is particularly touching and beautifully written in true Adriana Herrera style. Julia and Rocco also find a new family in the form of their new coworkers/friends in Dallas. I love a good found-family in fiction and each and every person in this particular friend group was lovely and interesting.

I sincerely urge you to pick up Here to Stay when it releases. Otherwise, we're going to need to have some strong words. It's sexy, fun, and all sorts of entertaining! So, trust me, you need this book in your lives! 

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