A Cowboy to Remember by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Monday, July 6, 2020


by Rebekah Weatherspoon
Series: Cowboys of California #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Publication Date: February 25th 2020
Source: Library
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷

What a delight this book was! I don't usually read books about cowboys, but Jenica at Fire Whiskey Reader convinced me to check A Cowboy to Remember out from the library with all her praise and I'm so glad I listened to her. While the romance was charming, it was the family dynamics, the characters, and the friendships that made this book a memorable experience for me.

For those of you who may not be aware, this series is a fresh take on fairytales. A Cowboy to Remember is pitched as a take on The Sleeping Beauty. I thought it was a very unique and enjoyable spin. Evie is a renowned NYC chef who finds herself without her memory after a fall at a party. Evie's agent, assistant, and close friend decide to contact her only emergency contact, her childhood friend, Jesse. When Jesse and his brother and Evie's childhood crush, Zach, arrive at the scene, they make a collective decision to whisk her away to their ranch in California to allow Evie to rest peacefully without alerting the media of her memory loss. I loved Evie's character. Before the incident, she was this powerful and amazing chef truly living her dreams. While recovering from her memory loss, she has a lot to learn about herself and in the process, also discovers new desires about herself. It was admirable how she handled her memory loss with a lot of grace. Being back in California, where she grew up wasn't always the easiest, especially because there were parts of her past she didn't remember, but she took everything in like the complete boss that she is.

Zach, who Evie shared a past with, was a sweetheart. His relationship with Evie ended on a sour note before she left California, so he has a lot of work to do to gain back Evie's trust. Ten years had passed since that incident, and while Zach had his reasons for pushing away Evie, he was a bit of a knobhead for not realizing his true feelings for her at the time and for rejecting her the way he did. In my books, he managed to mature and I especially appreciated that he took the time to apologize profusely to her. As you can imagine, they had emotional obstacles to overcome throughout A Cowboy to Remember besides Evie's memory loss, but it was done beautifully. The two had an undeniable connection and their chemistry was palpable throughout the entire book. There were so many moments that were soft, sweet, and swoony. It was a treat watching their love story slowly unfold.

The ranch setting in A Cowboy to Remember was also to die for. It was so picturesque and luxurious, 100% a ranch I would want to visit for myself. I also loved the secondary cast in this book so much. From Evie's friends to Zach's family, they were all such interesting personalities. My personal favorite was Jesse, Zach's big, stoic, and intense older brother. You guys know what a sucker I am for the quiet on the outside but a big softie on the inside heroes, so I was basically reading this book to read all his scenes. I barely know him, but I already love him and can't wait for his book. His friendship with Evie was one of my favorite parts of A Cowboy to Remember. Miss Leona, Zach's grandmother, was another wonderful addition to this cast. With her vivid history and her vibrant personality, she basically stole the show numerous times.

A Cowboy to Remember is my first book from Rebekah Weatherspoon and it certainly won't be my last. It was very easy for me to sink into her writing and fall for her characters. If you want to read a book that handles the amnesia trope with thought and care and a cast that will steal your heart, make sure to pick up a copy of A Cowboy to Remember.


Hi, everyone! Please welcome Rebekah to the blog. Rebekah was kind enough to answer some of the questions I had for her. I hope you enjoy this interview! :)

Could you describe THE COWBOYS OF CALIFORNIA series using a few GIFs or images?

Bonus Gif, Steve

Zach and his family run a luxury ranch in A COWBOY TO REMEMBER. If you were to book a stay at the ranch, what would you most look forward to besides interacting with the sexy cowboys, of course?

Square dancing and petting the horses! I love horses.

I love that these books are a spin on fairytales. A COWBOY TO REMEMBER takes a spin on The Sleeping Beauty and the next book, IF THE BOOT FITS, a spin on Cinderella. Why did you specifically choose these fairytales to base your stories on? What fairytale can we expect in Jesse's book?

I like to pretend that I give things months and months of thought. I didn't in this case. The idea came to me in a lightbulb moment and my agent was like YES BITCH DO THAT!!!! I'm a Disney kid like a lot of people, so Disney princess movies and fairytales have made an impact on me. FairytalexCowboys seemed like a fun idea. Jesse's story is a Beauty and the Beast retelling. Jesse is a little rough around the edges with a temper and his heroine Lily-Grace is pretty sick of his shit. They'll butt heads over drama with their elders, and then fall madly in love.

Evie is a renowned chef extraordinaire. If Zach has to cook a meal to woo and impress Evie after a squabble, what would he make? I'll allow him to ask Miss Leona for some help. Feel free to share recipes or food pictures.

I think Zach would do something painfully thoughtful like make her something Evie's mom used to make her. I imagine Evie's mom had a kick-ass chili recipe. That would definitely win her over. He would also have her watch him cook it and talk mad shit the whole time.


The friendship/siblings-type bond between Evie and Jesse was one of my favorite parts of A COWBOY TO REMEMBER. It was sweet how much they cared and loved each other and I loved that despite the distance between them, they kept in touch. While friendships, in general, are common in romance novels, friendships between men and women don't feature as heavily for some reason. Was this a deliberate choice on your part and why was it important for Evie to have that relationship with both Jesse and Sam?

I grew up with a lot of sibling groups, like there weren't many only children around me. I'm the youngest of four. I think I just naturally include siblings and friends, and friend groups that include siblings. It never crossed my mind that Evie wouldn't be close with Jesse and Sam, but Jesse is special (I see that you're making me talk about Jesse a lot. You're not fooling anyone.) I wanted to show Evie's magical princess-ness by having her connect with the hard to reach brother of the bunch.

What can readers expect from the next two books in the series using just GIFs? I'm a solid Jesse fangirl, so can you also write me in as his heroine.

If The Boot Fits (Cowboys of California #2)

Cowboys of California #3

Thanks a million to Rebekah for participating in this conversation. I don't know about you guys but I am drooling here over that shirtless Lenny Kravitz pic and that last gif describing Jesse's book is killing me! I need to know the context ASAP!

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