Headliners by Lucy Parker

Monday, January 20, 2020


by Lucy Parker
Series: London Celebrities #5
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: January 20th 2020
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷✷

I sincerely doubt that my review and rating for Headliners will come to anyone's surprise, especially with the hero being called Nick. Reading Lucy Parker's books is equivalent to coming home for me. They are warm, comforting, and pack some powerful emotions. Headliners is another excellent novel from a massively talented author!

Sabrina and Nick's love story began in The Austen Playbook. I think it's important to check out that book (and all of Lucy's books for that matter) to see the relationship build up between the two. They had some major enemies/rivals vibes going on in that book that led to a big blow up towards the end of The Austen Playbook. Nick was a bit of an ass previously, so my man had some serious work to do to convince me that he was worthy of my name love. Fret not, friends! Lucy Parker is an absolute genius at genuine character development and writing gratifying grovel. I have to say, Nick is probably at the top of my favorite heroes of all time list. I had these expectations about the kind of person he was based on the previous book and Lucy's writing style in general, but they were blown out of the water. I really enjoyed getting to know the surprisingly softer side to his character. I think there is something to be said about a romance hero who can make you laugh and melt constantly. His heartfelt apology to Sabrina in particular had me wanting to shout my love for him from a rooftop. Then, there was his relationship with his family members. Clearly, this is a man who respected and loved them. Oof, my heart is just fluttering writing about him. :) If you're wondering if Sabrina is a good fit for him, the answer is a resounding yes. They were made for each other. Sabrina is an equally brilliant protagonist, who was fierce, passionate, and very kind. We see her deal with the aftermath of Nick's betrayal in the previous book with her head held high here and I could not have been prouder of her. How she faces her hurdles in moments of vulnerability is particularly admirable and you'll find yourself easily wanting to defend her with your everything. You know how there are characters whose personality traits you wish you could simply absorb because you love them that much? Sabrina is that kind of character for me.

Both Nick and Sabrina are very headstrong characters, which makes their romance just perfect. Watching them lovingly dance around each other and slowly become acquainted with each other in the process was an experience for me as a reader. Despite their mutual attraction, they had obstacles to work through and Lucy Parker takes her time with building up their relationship. And the communication between these two? Perfection! Their romance truly was a work of art! Undeniably, the chemistry and constant banter was a strong element of Headliners, but it's watching them open up emotionally during their low moments that's the most rewarding part of this book. When I ask for good satisfying romances, this is exactly what I expect. The backdrop of the morning show and their careers as talk show hosts forced to work together was an excellent idea on Lucy's part because it brought about so much humor and just the right dose of drama. Of course, I also have to mention just how much I loved all the cameos from characters in the previous books. I just love all of them so much that even a mere mention of them has me squealing in utter delight.

If you're a romance fan, I sure hope you religiously read Lucy Parker's books. Headliners was a book after my heart and I have no doubt that it will completely enamor readers who love a good enemies-to-lovers story.

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