Dalliances & Devotion by Felicia Grossman

Monday, September 2, 2019


by Felicia Grossman
Series: The Truitts #2
Genres: Historical, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: August 26th 2019
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷

After just two books Felicia Grossman has installed herself in my list of my favorite authors. Her sophomore novel, Dalliances & Devotion, is yet another wonderful story about one clever and endearing heroine. I loved this book!

Amalia Truitt is a heroine after my own heart. I was immediately intrigued by her from the synopsis because it mentioned her being a twice-divorcee and a beauty columnist. Those are both characteristics almost unheard of in historical romances. Then, there was the mention of a stalker! I was hooked and I wanted to get to know everything about Amalia and how she came to be at this stage of life. Felicia Grossman did not disappoint. She has written a heroine who is spirited, clever, and thoughtful. You initially think that she is spoiled and a little bit shallow in the beginning, but she quickly proved me wrong with her wit and emotional maturity. Amalia took life by the horns and did not care what others thought of. Amalia is not only a character I had utmost respect for, but she is also one who is easy to become attached to. I was profoundly invested in her and her journey and I simply could not wait to see her achieve her happily-ever-after.

Her family hires the stoic and intense David to protect her on a journey to her home of Delaware. David happens to be a man that Amalia shared a romantic history with. She broke his heart years back and upon reuiniting their feelings for each other begin to bubble again. I loved David's character as well. He perfectly balanced out Amalia's vivaciousness with his more serious but softer personality. The man had gone through absolute hell and more. We see his struggles with PTSD that the author handles respectfully. He didn't deserve any of the pain he was suffering through and my heart went out to him. I'm a big fan of soft and protective heroes and David epitomized a teddy-bear hero! Amalia and David's romance was full of so many wonderful tropes, my favorite being the second-chance romance. The author beautifully crafted a romance that is convincing and made of pure swoon. There were load of tense and romantic moments that had my heart aching. Not only did Dalliances & Devotion have an excellent romance, but the historical setting and plot were equally interesting. I loved how the author brought to light so many historically and currently relevant themes to this book.

I can't recommend Dalliances & Devotion and Felicia Grossman's debut, Appetites & Vices. It's got everything I could ask for from a good historical romance. I can't wait to see what the author has up her sleeves!

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