How I Cut Back On My TBR

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings discussed cutting back TBRs last week on her blog and I thought I'd share my experience with everyone on how I did so last year. My Goodreads to-read shelf was at 1000+ books and I managed to cut it down to 100+. It felt so relieving if I'm being honest because 100-something seems much more manageable than 1000. It took me a LONG time, but in the end, it was worth it. The following are just some tips I employed that I personally found helpful. All of these may not work for you, but maybe some of these could be beneficial if you're looking to curb your TBRs.

Use the Batch-Edit Feature on GR

If you're looking to remove multiple books at the same time from your bookshelves, the batch-edit feature is an absolute savior. Go to your "to-read" shelf on GR, and find the "Batch Edit" button at the top of the page (next to the search feature).

Once you've clicked on that, checkboxes will appear next to the books in your shelf. When you've clicked on the books you're ready to remove from your list, you can delete them using the "remove books from shelf" link. Make sure to have the "want to read" shelf selected as shown below.
Note: You may have to do this a few times to delete multiple batches of books. I'm not sure what the limit is but I'm thinking something like 20-30.


The Removal Process

 Start with the oldest books on your TBR

I individually looked at each book on my TBR starting from the ones that had been on my shelf for the longest. This was good because it reminded me of books I had forgotten about!

No longer read a genre? Delete all the books!

There are some genres I don't read anymore, especially YA fantasy. I got rid of all of those. I'm also not all that fond of YA mysteries, so those went way too. This significantly dropped my numbers.

Next, read the blurb. Does it still intrigue you?

If the blurb no longer interested me, I immediately deleted it. I have no time for books I don't care for anymore.

Still can't decide? Take a look at the reviews from your trusted friends.

Often, my friends' reviews, especially those from reviewers of similar tastes to me, can give me an indication of whether a book would be for me or not.

If you're still waffling between deleting it or not, did you purchase the book? 

If yes, I kept it because I spent money on it and don't want that to go to waste.


How I Currently Maintain My Shelf

Only add books that I am really really excited about!

I try not to let hype and the initial buzz over a book announcement get to me. I wait for some reviews before adding anything to the shelf. Now, if I really can't contain my excitement and it just absolutely sounds like something I NEED to read, I'll add it.

Frequently check the shelf to pick up backlist titles.

I always recommend reading backlist titles and not just ARCs all the time. ARCs can become easily tedious and reading a no-pressure backlist is refreshing. This also helps me remove even more books because I usually lose interest with certain books with time.

I hope you've found this post somewhat helpful.
Do you do anything to curb your TBRs? How many books are on your to-read shelf?

Let me know in the comments below!

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