Teach Me by Olivia Dade

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


by Olivia Dade
Series: There's Something About Marysburg #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: May 29th 2019
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★1/2
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷1/2

How is it that Teach Me is only my first Olivia Dade book? It appears that I have been missing out because her writing reminds me of some of my favorite authors.  Shout-out to Therese Beharrie for putting this on my radar since it's quite possibly one of my favorite reads of the year.

If I were to use one word to describe Teach Me, it would be soft. From the very beginning, there was a warmth to the story that stayed throughout and had me glued to the pages. The characters in this book were absolute stars. Both Martin and Rose were brilliant and wonderful. Just thinking about them is bringing a smile to my face. I loved that both of these characters were older than your typical romance novel characters. It was refreshing to read about an older couple falling in love. Anyways, these characters. I loved how nuanced they were and how they were so much than what they appeared. Rose was, what I would call, an icy personality in that she was reserved with her emotions. She has a hard time trusting folks, which I did not blame her for, so she tended to push people away. Underneath that tough exterior clothed in all-black though was someone who was very passionate and devoted to her job as a teacher. She cared deeply about her students and her school. Even when there were douchenozzles at her job preventing her from reaching her success, she propelled forward for the sake of her students. When Martin was hired to take over Rose's beloved world history courses, she was understandably disappointed and she took it out on him in small ways, but never in a way that made him feel unwanted. We see her come out of her shell throughout Teach Me and I was there all along the way rooting for her. Can we also talk about Rose's meddlesome ex-in-laws? I loved that even after her separation from her husband, she kept in touch with them. They were a riot together and loved them so much!

Martin was just as lovely as Rose. He was a complete cinnamon-roll hero, and you all know what a giant sucker I am for soft-hearted and vulnerable heroes. I adored Martin from the get-go. He was very kind and patient towards Rose, which made him 1000 times more attractive. His relationship with his teenage daughter was a significant part of Teach Me and it was very well-written. They shared a strong and comfortable bond, and he was willing to do anything to ensure her happiness. So you can probably guess that I was full-on shipping Martin and Rose as a couple. It takes a while for Martin to get through Rose's boundaries, but the slow-burn was so worth it. These two were lovely together and I cheered on them from the beginning. They were already really good people on their own, but I thought they brought out the best in each other. Of course, I was also totally digging their back-and-forth banter. Other reviews have already mentioned it, but all throughout Teach Me the importance of consent was highlighted in many ways and I appreciated that so much. I thought they made they already steamy love scenes even more sensuous! I alluded to this in the introduction of this review, but I'll do it again to end this review. Olivia Dade's writing was like a warm and delicious donut if that makes any sense. You'll have to read Teach Me to figure out what I mean. :)

Teach Me is certainly a book that I want to shove in everyone's faces (in an affectionate way, not a violent way)! I was so charmed by every aspect of this book. I will need to go back and read more of Olivia Dade's books for sure!

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