Top Ten Tuesdays (3): Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Happy Tuesday, folks!

I am doing last week's topic because I missed out on it. Here are 10 things that immediately make me want to pick up a book!

1. Fake-Dating
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This is my favorite trope ever. There's just something about fake-dating that gets to me. Maybe it's that as readers we know exactly how things are going to end, but the couple themselves don't at the beginning.

2. Female Friendships
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I'm all for all kinds of friendships in books, but if a review mentions female friendships I don't even care to read the blurb. I love reading about girls being supportive!

3. My Favorite Authors
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This one is obvious. I have a list of maybe 20 authors who are on my auto-buy list. I don't need to read the summary, I will most definitely pick up their books.

4. Epistolary Novels
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I love books written in the form of letters, especially if they are romances that occur through letters. I've sadly not found too many books that do this!

5. Second-Chance Romances
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Another of favorite romance tropes. I love reading about the pain that re-emerges when a couple is reunited after years. There is just something about the angst of a second chance romance that gets to me.

6. Characters Who Look Like Me a.k.a Brown Characters
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I'm so happy to be seeing more diverse reads lately, especially in romance. I've been lucky enough to read some exceptional books about desi (South Asian) characters. It's definitely a one-click trope for me.

7. Office Romances
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I think office romances IRL are a mess, but in books, I just can't resist them! Maybe it has to do with the tension and forbidden nature.

8. Enemies-to-Lovers
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Another can't resist trope! I love a good-enemies-to-lovers story!

9. Friends-to-More
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Friends to lovers is an underrated trope, in my opinion. And we need more books with this trope, please!

10. Age-Gap
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This one is tricky. I can only do age-gap if it's done in a way that isn't gross or pervy. This is also a trope that I only trust a few authors with and if done well, it can be pretty swoony!

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What are some things that make you pick up a book?
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