American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera

Monday, March 11, 2019


by Adriana Herrera
Series: Dreamers #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: March 4th 2019
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷

American Dreamer was not on my radar until I came across it on NetGalley. I'm so glad I requested it because I've found a new author whose writing I really enjoy. American Dreamer was such a satisfying romantic read in every sense of the word.

The book starts off with our hero Nesto and his food truck moving from NYC to upstate NY in order to chase after his dreams of opening a restaurant. Nesto was a very well-rounded and familiar character. I found him to be charming, familiar and endearing. Nesto was a hard-worker and was absolutely 100% passionate and his passion truly came through American Dreamer. Adriana Herrera does a beautiful job with all the layers to Nesto's personality. I especially loved how rooted to his Dominican side he was. It was lovely and heartwrenching at times reading about the immigrant experience. I don't think many people realize the utmost courage it takes to leave behind your home to build new opportunities for yourself in a foreign country. Adriana captured that with Nesto and his family's experience. Besides that, I loved the focus on Nesto's dreams in this book. He is ready to sweat to achieve his goals and we certainly see him thrive in this book. It warmed my heart to read all about his ambitions and oh my goodness, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention just how amazing his Afro-Carribean food sounded. The food descriptions had my mouth watering and gave me a foodgasm. You should definitely have something to munch on while you read American Dreamer!

Nesto is paired up with an adorable librarian, Jude, who I found to be equally charming and passionate. Jude was a bit more introverted and reserved when it came to relationships, but he was a fantastic guy. I loved how dedicated he was to his job, particularly to his proposal of funding a mobile library to reach teenagers in rural areas. As a gay man, he knew the importance that books could hold to kids. He sparked as a character, so learning about his family's unacceptance of his sexuality was so heartbreaking. I was so angry and hurt on his behalf. Unfortunately, this is still the reality for some. I was glad that Jude at least had people who supported him in his new life. I was even gladder when he and Nesto hit it up. These two were adorable together! The progression of their relationship was very sweet. We get to see them slowly open up to each other about their dreams and vulnerabilities. Throughout it all, their chemistry was palpable. Nesto and Jude are without a doubt a favorite fictional couple of mine. American Dreamer also had a fantastic secondary cast (with the exception of racist Meddling Misty - ugh!) - I adored Nesto's family and his best friends back in NYC who kept in touch with him.

American Dreamer was a story that offered more than just a love story. It's also a story of family, culture, and dreams. I can't recommend this fantastic debut enough!

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