Lisa's Corner (1): Better Late Than Never; An Update

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

*clears throat* *taps mic* Is this thing on?

Hi guys! Wow, it's been a while, huh? Almost 4 months to be exact, because that's how long I've been working now and my reading time just went *makes airplane crashing motion* down. I've set my 2019 Goodreads reading goal to a small, realistic 150 books and it was the right decision because it's February 2nd today and I've only read like 15 books. 


Anyway, in this post I'm sharing the books I've read and loved so far this year.

 This book is the first book I read and finished this year, so I really started 2019 with a bang. I love the story of Alex and Greer--Alex Averin is definitely my favourite Kate Clayborn hero now (sorry Ben but I still love you!). I love how Greer helped Alex deal with his panic attacks by pushing him to get help, and how Alex brought out a different side of Greer, who has chronic illness and has all her life had to deal with her loved ones treating her differently because of it. I highlighted so many passages and bookmarked so many scenes in this, and I also want it to be on record that Kate can write sexy like nobody's business. That is all.

I feel a little bit sad to part with this gang, but also I'm so excited to see what Kate comes up with next!

Okay, lemme put it on record that I loved Rebecca and Wes' book so, so much but damn if this one didn't blow that one out of the water. Roni Loren has outdone herself. 

This story shows the way a tragedy impacts people: Taryn, who lost her sister in the Long Acre shooting, devotes her entire life to working towards a solution for school shooting, while Shaw, who is the shooter's brother, changes everything from his name to his lifestyle in order to avoid the press and basically lives in isolation. They both carries guilt from the shooting, and the story also shows how they both deal with that as well as regret, grief and loss. 

The romance is my most favourite thing about this book. Taryn and Shaw's relationship is so pure! I love their meet-cute and all the meets after. I love how Shaw helps Taryn loosen up and have fun outside her research work and professor identity, and I love how Taryn helps Shaw realize that he might have his HEA after all. They just have a lot of chemistry with each other, and they are both protective of the other. The Shaw-Taryn reuniting scene reduced me to tears, and so did the epilogue. 

Okay I still haven't read Kate Daniels, but Iron and Magic is easy to follow despite me not knowing anything about the KD world. It makes me want to read Kate Daniels even more now, but Book 1 has been on hold since forever so I don't know when I'll be able to get to it.

The hero, Hugh reminds me a bit of Connor Rogan but of course more ruthless and sometimes even madder in the head??? I love how he's so tired of everything and everyone, hashtag Big Mood. He's quite a character, really; it makes me even excited to read KD because I want more of him. The heroine, Elara is so awesome I love her so much she can step on me. I love how she doesn't let herself get bulldozed by Hugh and his alpha male tendencies. Her bickering with Hugh made my entire life. I have so many scenes highlighted of Hugh calling her a harpy and Elara calling him an asshole. They were at each other's throats 90% of the time but when they worked together, they became a force to reckon with.

When's the next book coming out???


Books I'm excited about in February:

I still can't get over how much of a hottie this cover model is, damn!

Mia's Love on Cue series have such beautiful and romantic covers *hearteye emoji*

More Daddy!Sebastian???? YES. Also, can't wait to see West Ravenel falls in love. 

Until next time!

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