Huge Deal by Lauren Layne

Monday, February 18, 2019


by Lauren Layne
Series: 21 Wall Street #3
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: February 12th 2018
Source: Bought
Star Quotient: ★★★1/2
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷1/2

Kennedy and Kate's book! FREAKING FINALLY! I don't need to tell you guys how much I adore Lauren Layne's books because everyone already knows that. BUT THIS BOOK. I was so looking forward to reading it because the tension this couple had in the prior books was just fire emoji! While I wasn't entirely satisfied with how things played out in Huge Deal, I still enjoyed reading it because it's LL after all!

Reading this book was a strange experience because the first half was so good, but the second half was a little lackluster in my opinion. If you've read the previous books you already know about Kate and her unrequited feelings for Kennedy. I was so here for the tension between them and couldn't wait for them to get it on. As always, I enjoyed Layne's characters, especially the side characters. They are very easy to cheer for. I don't know that either Kate or Kennedy were favorite characters of mine from the author, but I liked them enough to read this book to completion. I definitely thought Kennedy would wind up being someone I totally fell for because he was my favorite kind of buttoned-up hero, but I think some of his cluelessness when it came to Kate's feelings annoyed me.

As I mentioned, the tension was really great in the first two books. I still felt that chemistry and touch of attraction between them here. Kennedy has always been a little bit of knucklehead when it comes to his feelings for Kate. He was a smart guy, but he never did see just how much she liked him. When his brother suddenly shows an interest in her, he realizes that's been overlooking her for years. I wasn't 100% on board that it took his brother (who was really awesome btw) dating Kate for him to truly notice her and see her for more than his personal assistant. But anyways, once they do share their first kiss and act all flirty and bantery with each other, I forgot all about that. I was very into the book at this point and was totally shipping them. Then, this major event happened in the middle of the book that completely threw me off. It didn't particularly make a lot of sense to me and I felt was only used to create separation and angst between Kennedy and Kate. It made the book feel quite disjointed if you ask me. I still finished the book happy, but I had much higher expectations for Kennedy and Kate.

What I really like about Lauren Layne's books is that even when I'm not enjoying the plot all that much, I still managed to read through it in one sitting. Huge Deal was one of those reads for me. I know this review makes it seem like lots of little things bugged me, and they did, but I still liked the first half so much, so I definitely still recommend reading it. I'm going to miss this cast now that this series is wrapped up! Good thing for me though is that Lauren Layne is a writing machine! :)

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