All The Little Bones by Ellie Marney

Monday, September 10, 2018


by Ellie Marney
Series: Circus Hearts #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, YA
Publisher: Bearded Lady Press
Publication Date: September 1st 2018
Source: Bought
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷
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Reading a new Ellie Marney is always a treat. She is one of my favorite authors and I have vowed to read anything and everything that she releases. All the Little Bones, with its circus setting and its swoony romance, stole my heart from the get-go. It's lovely and passionate and so romantic!

Sorsha, a trapeze artist, and her friend and strongman, Colm, are on the run from the police. Their journey brings them to a circus in the south known as Klatch's Karnival, where they have to build a new life for themselves and try to stay on the down-low so as not to attract the cops' attention. All the Little Bones was a character-driven story and Ellie Marney spent a lot of time developing her cast. Man, did I adore these characters or what? I know what you're thinking - Sorsha and Colm seem like they are criminals. Yes and no. They have their reasons for running away from the law and I won't divulge those reasons, but trust me when I say you will root for them. Anyways, Sorsha just broke my heart. I wanted so much for her to be happy and escape the nightmares that were constantly plaguing her. She suffered from anxiety and had panic attacks throughout the book and they were portrayed so vividly - truly, no one writes emotions quite as well as Ellie Marney. For me, Sorsha truly came to life when she was in the air doing her acts. She was just so enthusiastic about her career as a trapeze artist - you could just sense how much she loved it when she described her acts. Of course, I was also secretly in awe of all her skills because I have no talented bone in my body! At the same time, I was also envious of Sorsha because she had Colm by her side. Ellie Marney writes some of THE best YA boys and Colm!!! I have hearts in my eyes just at the thought of this guy. He was this big bulky strongman, but underneath he was just the softest character ever. He was so sweet and protective (not in a gross or invasive way) of Sorsha and was willing to do almost anything to ensure she was safe and happy.

Undeniably, a romance bloomed between the two and ugh, I want to squee because ALL THE SWOONS, people. ALL THE SWOONS! I knew that Ellie was a pro at writing romantic tension between her couples from all the books I have previously read from her, but the chemistry between Colm and Sorsha was something else. I found some of the kissing scenes in this book to be so fiery and passionate. More than that, I loved the little scenes of them unknowingly touching each other. BE STILL, MY HEART. Also, I will die alone. The author brought the circus to life with her rich and striking descriptions. I felt like I was there on the sidelines watching all the acts and it was such a brilliant and exhilarating experience. I was fascinated by the lives of these artistic folks. The cast was diverse and interesting and as well-written as the main cast. Plot-wise, I didn't find that the mystery was that much of a focal point in this book. Like I said earlier, this story focused a lot on the characters, their path to building a new life for themselves, but the case was there looming over Sorsha's head. I did wish that we had seen more of the case and the trial, but the book was just so addicting, so I didn't particularly mind it. Thought the book wrapped up the main storyline, there is still an upcoming mystery that will need to be solved. Thankfully, it's not that much of a wait for the companion novel out in October! That one should be interesting because the heroine, Fleur, was a bit of a villain in this book. I can't wait to see what Ellie Marney does with her character.

All the Little Bones is a book I know I will be re-reading in the future. Sorsha and Colm will no doubt settle in your hearts and will have you rooting for their happiness. Be prepared to die at the steamy kisses!

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