For the Duke's Eyes Only by Lenora Bell

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


by Lenora Bell
Series: School for Dukes #2
Genres: Historical, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: September 18th 2018
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷
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Lenora Bell will not stop impressing me with her releases. With every new book of hers, I seem to be falling harder and harder in love with her books. For the Duke's Eyes Only is my favorite book from her so far. Fans of historical romance will gobble this up!

Lenora Bell always writes fierce and independent young women who have aspirations beyond finding a wealthy husband. I know it was quite uncommon given the time period her books are set in, but it's always fun to read these stories about unconventional ladies. India, known as Lady Danger in society, was a character I immediately fell in love with. With her intelligence and enthusiasm for archaeology, she was a breath of fresh air. Her interest in the subject was contagious. I loved that she had no qualms for defying every etiquette and was absolutely confident about her abilities. Her childhood friend and current rival, Raven, was another fabulous romantic lead from the author. He was a stubborn mule who I constantly wanted to shake by the shoulders, but his reasons and his constant secrecy are revealed throughout For the Duke's Eyes Only. Even with his hard-headedness, I found it effortless to crush on his character. You see, despite the uncaring persona he showed India, he had a soft spot for her and was constantly supportive of her achievements.

As children, India and Raven were betrothed, but Raven broke her heart years later and India has nothing but spite for him. Whenever they are in the same room together, they bicker and argue. Of course, this is a romance novel, so underneath all those quarrels were just an outlet for that sexy tension between them. They obviously never stopped loving each other, but they were both quite bullheaded, so they never really talked it out. When a stolen antiquity forces the two of them to be partners, a stronger understanding of each other began to grow. The chemistry between Raven and India was just flawless. It was steamy and passionate and I could not get enough of them together. I truly think that Lenora Bell has written one of the most heartwarming and memorable romances that I have read this year because I shipped these two so hard. What I also love about Lenora's books is the focus on the plot. Here we have an adventurous journey as India and Raven navigate Paris to find the stolen artifact. It was entertaining, humorous and also an opportunity for Bell to teach readers a thing or two about history. I loved it all!

For the Duke's Eyes Only was an outstanding read. Honestly, everything that Lenora Bell has written has been brilliant, so if you have yet to pick up her books, I urge you to do so! You won't regret it, especially if you're a fan of historical romance.


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