Organized Mood Reading: How I Select My Next Read

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

This post is my response to this week's question from Tell Me Something Tuesday hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings.

I am always curious about how other readers go about choosing their next read. I'm mostly a mood-reader, but because I blog and I request ARCs that need to be reviewed on time, I also like to be organized. I would say that I'm an organized mood reader!

What do I mean by organized mood reader? I have a spreadsheet organized by months where I classify all the ARCs that I receive. Below is a snippet of my spreadsheet:

As you can see, it's a simple, but effective way for me to keep organized. Green indicates books I've already read and reviewed and red indicates books I've read, but that need reviews.

Back to my reading habits, so every time I have to select a book, I come to this spreadsheet and focus on the next month - I like to be a month ahead with ARCs just so I have the time to review them in a timely manner. I check the list to see if there's anything that I am in the mood for (and I usually am) and then pick that up as my book. In the past, I have tried planning upcoming reads a week before but thas has hardly worked for me. I always felt like I was forcing myself to read, which took the fun out it.

In between 2-3 ARCs I also like to pick up books that I have bought or have borrowed from the library. Again, I let my mood decide what to read. Unfortunately, I don't have a spreadsheet with older releases, but it is something that I am planning on working on next year. For now, I simply scroll through my Kindle until I find something that I think I might want to read. My mood also tends to be predictable when it comes to the genres I select. I like reading contemporary romances most often, but too many contemporaries in a row and I am easily bored. What I do is to make sure I include a fantasy or mystery or paranormal novel in between. This keeps me from turning into a grumpy and hateful reader who gets annoyed with everything she reads. 

Now, if none of the above methods works for me, then I move on to my last resort: re-reading! I am a big fan of re-reading so even though I do use it as a last resort, it's not something that I'm ever unhappy about. Sure, it puts me behind when it comes to newer releases, but re-reads never fail to take me out of a book slump or brighten my mood. Two of my go-to favorite authors to re-read are Lisa Kleypas and Lucy Parker.

As you can see, I tend to be relatively more easy-going with my reads compared to some other bloggers who are much more organized than I am. I feel like everyone's method of picking up their next book is different, so I am curious to see how you all decide your next reads.

Are you more of a mood-reader or a planner? How do you pick your next read?
Let me know in the comments below!

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