Why Must All My Favorite Series End? : Hooked On You by Kate Meader

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


by Kate Meader
Series: Chicago Rebels #4
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: May 29th 2018
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★
Kiss Factor: ✷✷✷✷1/2
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I am so in love with this series. Kate Meader has truly outdone herself with the Chicago Rebels series. I love that I can always count on her to deliver a wildly romantic and steamy story with a whole lot of heart. Hooked on You was no different.

I think out of all the books, this one was my most anticipated. No, it wasn't just because of Bren's single dad status. We got to see the tension between Violet and Bren simmer over the last couple of books and it has been glorious. Here they finally get their story and boy was it absolutely worth it. I knew going into the book that I was going to love both Violet and Bren as characters, but I was still surprised by how much I became invested in them. Violet, especially, was my girl. This spunky, tattooed Latina was so much more than the no-care-given attitude. Underneath it all, she was an exceptionally strong girl who had survived a horrible disease. I admired her so much for how she handled herself in the aftermath of her breast cancer diagnosis. Her illness didn't define her obviously, and we got to see all facets of her personality. She was a kind, smart and loving young who I adored getting to know.

The grumpy Scot, Bren, was her perfect match. He wasn't a man of many words in the previous two books, but I was still very much in love with the guy. In Hooked on You, we learn more about his past and it wasn't pretty. He struggled with alcoholism in the past and I truly appreciated how Kate Meader didn't flinch away from showing the realities of it. Bren has a lot of guilt about it because of the way it affected his kids, but he was completely sober in this book and was trying his utmost best at being a better dad. His bond with his daughters had me melting. I loved how to him, they were his everything. His daughters, Catriona and Frankie were such colorful personalities too who added to the story, in my opinion.

I'm sure you're all dying to know more about the romance. :) Kate Meader writes some of the best romances out there. Violet and Bren had phenomenal chemistry together. There was a quiet intensity to their romance as well as a playful flirtiness between them, that made me want to sigh in happiness. They become important pillars in each other's lives and I just loved all of the scenes with them communicating openly with each other. The way the two opened up to each other had the romantic in me swooning. And yes, there's plenty of "fan yourself hot" steam between them. Besides the romance, I enjoyed seeing the previous couples being all happy and cute, and I enjoyed reading more about the growing relationship between Violet and her sisters.

I'm a little teary-eyed because Hooked on You is the last book in the Chicago Rebels series, but I know I can always come back to the series. Plus, Kate Meader has an upcoming series about lawyers that I'm pumped about. Anyways, if you're a hockey romance fan, be sure to pick up this series! It's so much fun!

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