Romance Bloggers Of Color You Should Have On Your Radars

Friday, May 4, 2018

Happy Friday, everyone!

Remember how I made a promise to myself to make more of an effort to promote POC in the book industry? My first post featuring romance books by authors of color was a huge success. Today, I'm sharing a list of romance bloggers that I think you should add to your blog-rolls if you enjoy romance. I've been following some of these ladies for a while now and trust me when I say you need to follow them. In my opinion, some of these blogs are very underrated, so I wanted to shed light on their fabulousness as they deserve so much credit for all the work they do. I hope you guys find some blogs to add to your lists!

Ari @ The Romance Corner
The Romance Corner 
Ari is one of my closest friends in the blogging community and I'm sure you guys have heard me talk all about her! She's a sassy romance-loving queen, who apparently got into romance because of yours truly. Give her blog a follow. You all are going to love her hilarious reviews.

Jazmen @ Liter-erally Black

Lit-erally Black

I've also known Jazmen since her This Girl Reads A Lot! days, but she recently launched a new blog where she promotes black authors and she reads a whole lot of romance. I've already discovered quite a few romance books I want to read because of her blog. She has excellent tastes, so she's a must-follow!

Lisa @ Romances Ever After

Romances Ever After
OK, it feels a little weird to be pimping out my own co-blogger, but I can't have this list without talking about Lisa. I'm not quite sure how Lisa and I bonded, but she's one of my favorite human beings (I love her rabbit more, but that's a story for another day). Lisa reads SO MUCH, and she reads so many varying genres of romance, which is amazing. She gives A+ recommendations and is pretty fantastic at fangirling. If you guys don't already follow my other romance blog that I run with Lisa and our other equally amazing co-blogger, Cristina, you need to fix that ASAP! ;)

Aila @ One Way or An Author

I'm a long time follower of Aila. She reads a mix of YA and adult romances like me so we immediately hit it off. If you like the same books as I do then she's worth a follow!

Nissa @ Of Pens and Pages

Of Pens and Pages

Nissa's blog is just goals! It's so aesthetically pleasing and I always love reading her thoughtful reviews. I also have to mention the amazing mood boards she makes for the books she reads. They are gorgeous and totally make me want to read the books she reviews even more!

Kayla is new to my list of romance bloggers that I follow. I discovered her blog thanks to Ari. She and I seem to have similar tastes when it comes to romance books. I really enjoy reading her reviews and look forward to learning more about her reading tastes!

Rowena @ Weendizzle


Rowena is one of the sweetest people I know ever. She's a very thoughtful reviewer and is a huge romance fan, which automatically makes her an awesome blogger, in my opinion. Definitely check out her blog!

Renae @ Romantic Parvenu

Romantic Parvenu

Renae is also new to my list of romance bloggers I follow and I'm already a big fan of her and her reviews. She writes such thoughtful and complex reviews. I'm honestly envious of her writing. She and I also seem to share similar book tastes, so I'm looking forward to reading more of her reviews.

N.G Peltier @ Something Maybe This Way Comes

I followed N.G on Twitter some time back without realizing she was also a blogger (she's also a writer and her WIPs sound amazing!).  I always love how enthusiastic and excited she gets when she talks about romance and authors of color on Twitter, and she mostly reviews books by POC, which means you can find a lot of underrated gems! 

Beatrice @ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic

I've also been a long time follower of Beatrice's blog. She reviews loads of romance books and you can always find awesome recommendations on her blog, particularly for self-published romance novels.

Blessie @ Mischievous Reads

Mischievous Reads - A Romance Book Blog

Blessie has also been on my list for quite some time now. She's a romance reader as well and always has good books to recommend. Plus, her blog is so pretty!

Ezrah @ I Heart Romance & YA

I Heart Romance & YA

Ezrah is honestly a romance queen! She has read so many books and her reviews are really fun to read. I especially look forward to her historical romance reviews.

Britt @ The New Romantics

The New Romantics

The New Romantics is on a hiatus at the moment, but I had to feature Britt in this post. She's one of your go to girls if you want good indie romances. Her and Ari are really good reviewers. And the amount of sass they bring to the table! A+!

Do you follow any of these fabulous bloggers? Who are some of your favorite POC romance bloggers? Anyone I need to have on my radar?
Let me know in the comments below!