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Sunday, April 22, 2018


How is everyone doing? I hope you guys had a decent week! We had gorgeous weather on Saturday and I was in a very good mood. Then Monday came around and we were hit with low temperatures ... again. I'm not even a summer girl, but I am ready for the summer to be here already. I had even washed all my coats and was ready to pack them away. I swear ...

I've been in a grumpy mood this whole week. I'm not quite sure why I was grumpy the whole time. I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed nearly every day this week. Some of my classmates even commented on how stressed I looked. *sigh* I hope this coming week will be better. I hope you US folks did your taxes on time. I got my federal refund a few weeks ago and got my state refund this week, so I treated myself to fancy Chinese food as one does!

Oh but hey! Did you guys notice my shiny new header designed by Aentee at Read at Midnight? I'm obsessed with all those cute equations in the back!
Week In Reading
Chaotic Good On the Line (Milwaukee Dragons, #1) Don't Call Me Cupcake (The Holloway Girls, #1) My Oxford Year

I was still feeling a teensy bit meh about reading in general in that I was having a tough time picking up a book, but I ended up enjoying all of these books. Chaotic Good was fiercely feminist and a charmer of a book. On the Line was also a fun and sexy romance read. My favorite of the week was Don't Call Me Cupcake, which absolutely swept me off my feet! Add this one to your TBRs, friends! Finally, I'm now in the middle of My Oxford Year. So far, I like it a lot!
Week In Review Copies

Ahhh so many new pretties! Thank you to all the wonderful publishers for the review copies!
Week In Posts
The Love Coupon by Ainslie Paton
5 Beautiful Libraries On My Bucket List
Pretending He's Mine by Mia Sosa

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How were your weeks? What books did you get? What do you think of my new header?
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