Everything I Love In A Romance: Luck of the Draw by Kate Clayborn

Monday, April 23, 2018


by Kate Clayborn
Series: Chance of a Lifetime #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: April  24th 2018
Source: ARC received for review
Star Quotient: ★★★★★
Kiss Factor✷✷
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I have no idea how I'm even going to put into words my feelings towards this book. The moment I read the first line, I knew I was going to be immersed in this lovely story. To say that I loved Luck of the Draw would be an understatement of epic proportions. This was a book that I just devoured and it found a way to hold my heart hostage - yes, it was THAT bloody good.

I loved the characters in Beginner's Luck, but here? I just fell head over heels in love with them. Zoe just stole my heart. After winning the lottery with her friends, she quits her job as a corporate lawyer. At the beginning of the book, she is very much lost and trying to find her way. At the same time, she is being plagued by the way she treated people in the past, so she sets out on a path to seek their forgiveness. This brings her in the path of Aiden O'Leary, whose family was ill-treated by her firm after Aiden's twin died of a drug overdose. Zoe may have made mistakes in the past, but she was a girl with a heart of gold. Her struggles with her conscience really spoke to me and I rooted for her as she tried to make amends for them. Zoe was what I would call a soft heroine with layers upon layers to her personality. The more I got to know her and the person she was deep inside, the more I cherished her.

Luck of the Draw is also told in the POV of Aiden. Oh, Aiden. <3 This man just absolutely made me swoon and ache in the best possible way. When we meet him, he is extra grumpy and extra quiet, which are traits that I love in a hero. He is undeniably dealing with the grief of having lost his other half and doesn't quite know how to deal with his emotions. My heart broke for the man and I wanted to give him a giant hug. He decides to channel his grief and guilt into winning a bid for a campground he intends on turning into a rehabilitation center. To win over the campground owners, he needs a fiancee, which is when Zoe faints in his driveway. Luckily for him, Zoe agrees to be his fake fiancee.

These two just made my heart flutter with their slow developing romance. I knew I was going to love it since I never tire of the fake relationship trope, but man did Kate Clayborne make me absolutely fall for these two. There were a tenderness and intensity to their romance that I hadn't experienced in a romance in a long time. They have no intention of falling for each other, but obviously, fate has a way of working around that. Watching them form an attachment was one of the highlights of the Luck of the Draw for me and the way they helped heal each other made me want to weep. Seriously, Aiden and Zoe's romance is going to the top of my favorite romances of all-time. Besides the amazing romance, we get to see equally amazing female friendships. Zoe's best friends were lovely supportive girls who were just the people she needed in her life. I also loved the campground setting.

Honestly, I could go on and on about all the things I loved about Luck of the Draw, but I think it's best if I stop now. I hope I've convinced you to meet Zoe and Aiden on your own terms. Just read this entire charming series, you will not be disappointed one bit.

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