5 Simple Ways I Practice Self Care

Thursday, March 29, 2018

A lot of us run busy lives and often times, finding time for ourselves isn't always easy as we rush to keep up with all our responsibilities. Being a grad student, I tend to feel a lot of pressure from the school environment and from myself in the form of self-doubt. I'm sure a lot of you also feel that same stress and pressure but perhaps from a different source. It's important to carve out "me time" for both your mental and physical health. I've only recently come to realize the importance of self-care in my everyday life. In today's post, I thought I would share with everyone what I do to ensure that I don't crash.

Grocery shopping 

I find grocery shopping to be therapeutic. I make sure that I go to the grocery store every week and spend at least 30 minutes picking out food items and such. There is something about the act of just stepping outside of my apartment, making the walk to the grocery store and picking out groceries that helps me unwind.

Working out 

Now, I will admit that in the past few weeks I have been quite bad at keeping bad with working out. However, I have found in the past that even just a 20-minute work out is sufficient to make me feel mentally refreshed. It doesn't have to be the most intense workout, but the important thing is that I am having fun.


A lot of people make fun of napping habits, but this has been something that I have been doing since a very young age. Every weekend, I take a one and a half hour nap in the afternoon. I'm usually at home all weekend, which means I'm normally working on my assignments and studying the whole time. So carving out my nap time helps to take a break and feel refreshed for more studying once I am up.

 Listening to relaxing music

It's also important that you take care of your mental health while you are working or studying. For me, this involves listening to relaxing music such as whale sounds, rainfall or beach waves. There are plenty of free ones out there on YouTube. I have found that they help me focus better on my tasks, so a lot of time I wind up completing my assignments before I expect to.

Temporarily disconnecting from social media

A lot of pressure can also stem from social media and the news. The world is incredibly bleak lately. You hear horror stories all the time and it can be so tough for me, even though they make me realize just how privileged I am. My way to deal with this is to make sure that during a certain amount of time in the day I am not online, and instead choose to do something tangible.

Do you do anything to actively unwind? Do any of the above ways appeal to you?
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